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The Miracle of More

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The Miracle of More - April 11, 2006

"... he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people." Matthew 14:19

Here's how the story goes: Jesus had just gotten word that his cousin, who'd been in prison, had been killed. He got into a small rowboat they used for fishing, with some of the guys, and quietly set out for a spot off the beaten path.

The paparazzi were right on top of this, however. Literally thousands from the entire area walked to the place where the boat was going to land. When Jesus saw all these people who had come because they were sick in some way, He had compassion for them. Even though He'd planned this to be a private getaway, Jesus began to heal them.

When it started getting late, one of the disciples said, "Hey, there's nowhere to get food around here. Let's take a break, and people can go buy something to eat in the town nearby."

Jesus answered, "They don't have to leave; you give them something to eat." It was af He had said, "It's their problem, but now it's yours since you're concerned about it."

They were able to get a couple of dried fish and a few flat bread loaves. Jesus asked them to bring the food over to Him. He told all the people to sit down on the grass. He gave thanks to the Lord and broke the bread into pieces, then gave it back to them, who in turn gave it to the people. Everybody got to eat, plus they had left-overs.

Here's the cool part. Jesus had compassion on the people, and what followed was a miracle. The miracle of 'more' happened in the distribution, and not before.

When something touches my heart, and there's a need of some kind, whose problem is it? A federal agency? The church? Some organization? Or mine? Jesus always has compassion. That is His nature. We ((today's disciples) are His hands and feet.

Today I hope to remember that whenever I am moved with compassion, a miracle can follow. If I give what little bit I might have to the Lord, He will bless it and give it back, so I can give it away, and He can work a miracle of more.

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy
Great message. Our country (Malta), is suffering a huge influx of illegal immigrants. I wish that message would still be valid...but they are costing the country millions of pounds and the maltese people are loosing jobs because the immigrants accept work at low pay. Yes, it is our problem, but the European Union is doing nothing to help. I believe the country is facing a very big dilemma here. God Bless and pray for us :smile: hehe
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