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The Minister & The Bear!

The Minister went hiking one day deep in the woulds! A long his way he came across a bear! When he notice the bear, he also notice that the bear saw him at the same time! The man was terrified! So, he fell to his knees & prayed! He said: "Dear GOD make this bear a Christian! When he was done praying, he look up & saw the right in front of him! He saw the fall to his knees! And said: Thank you LORD for this meal that I am about to receive!
lol, true! I had to laugh when my brother first mentioned it to me! His Minaster, loves to go hiking, but is afraid of bears! So this joke was brought up at Church with him in mind! Needless to say, they all got a good laugh! All, in good love & family fun!
kate744260 said:
Johah I enjoyed your bear story, you are not the same Jonah on Single Christian's website are you?

I'm glad you enjoyed the Joke! But as far as me being the other Jonah, I don't believe I am. Though, I have been in a single Christian website looking to just chat with others - only! Because of the fact, I am maried. And, I have tried to join Christian websites - not always realizeing it was for singles only!
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The bear was praying that God bless his food, meaning that the bear was about to eat the minister. So since the minister first prayed to God that He (God) must make the bear to be a Christian, So every Christian pray before you eat, So the bear was kneeling to pray before he eat the minister. What a joke, we must buy our ministers vehicles before they be eaten by bears.