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The message you won't hear until it's to late

This is a message that would be hard for many churches to teach. Why? because when teaching it many would implicate themselves in rebellion or rebellious behavior against Jesus and the ministry that Jesus had provided for us. This is covered in the attached video.
It wasn't the idea of Jesus to reinvent ministry without him which so many have done for so many reasons. Then on top of that they put his label on it to get the unsuspecting to join or keep them staying. This you will understand even more after watching the second video that is suggested at the end of this one. So, it is much easier to avoid this subject completely, but being willfully deaf is what Jesus addressed many times in different ways when he would say, "he who has ears to hear, let him hear!"
If you're are a leader you really need to think about this warning. It you're a congregant(a sheep) please consider this message as a warning also and be watchful. In the end time the church may look a lot different in the days ahead then what you were lead to believe, but with so many distractions I do not want it to take you by surprise.


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