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The message to be free

I feel myself being lifted
Into some unknown place
And all that I want
IS to be still with Jesus

The world so vast
And entrenched with snares
I say to the Lord
I don't want to go there

He says, come on now
You have to love them too
But they are confusing
And it doesn't help
That I'm one too.

I feel disappointed
In my confusion with

But I come on home
Ready to be reset again

And I can't do this without
You Lord
I'm mire and muck
So please forgive me
For I always seem stuck

Between the truth and the lies
You see my times running out
It is for all of us you see
We just haven't figured out

That life is nothing
Just a blink of an eye
And the devil weaves sin
It's all just one great big lie

If we're lucky enough
We get glimmers of love
AS Gods grace
Brings it down on a dove

Then hope fades away
And yet again we are stuck
Until we remember once more
That Jesus isn't just luck

He's eternally there
With his steed and sword
Fighting for us with the love
We abhore

The alpha and omega
The beginning and end
There is nothing else
Except Jesus's blood
And our sins

Wiped up clean yet once again
He waits for us to let him in
Crossing over
to the eternal door

He wants to sit with us
In our floors, in our rooms
Where we idolized each other
In our rooms where we were lost
To the sin that enslaved us

Silence and peace
In place for pain and lies
He loves us so much
He waits for us to decide

And in the silence of the room
We ask for help, we call his name
He's there just like that
So soft and sweet

To heal our wounds
To wash our feet

The irony of the world
Next to Jesus's care
IS to great a burden
So you just sit there

And let Him love you
One last step
Then in the silence of the still
You get what before you aimed
To kill

You get that his love won't hurt
But reveal how lost
you once were
And that we all need it
So you set out into the world
Once more

Maybe this time will be new
And you won't get lost
You can show people the cost
That Jesus has made
for you and for me

This is the message to be free