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The Mercy of Time

The Mercy of Time

How many times have we ever said how nice it is going to be someday after we get to Heaven? All Christians have this hope, and we have all thought it at one time or another. The truth is God has raised up with Jesus Christ, and we are right now sitting in Heavenly places in Christ!!! This is not a someday event, it is a past tense event.

The Lord asked me many years ago, “Curtis, do you want to experience my Kingdom today?” I said, “yes sir I do!!” he said, “then go back and study every thing that I finished in the beginning, and find out what I have already given to you!!”

Since the Lord our God does not live in a “time based” world, but in eternity, how can God give us something “tomorrow” when there is no such a thing as tomorrow in a timeless Kingdom? The only thing a timeless being (God) can do is give it to us the moment he created it, and then help us to discover, and understand what we already have. We can not experience anything that we do not know we already have. Even, salvation was given to man before God created the world, or even the first man Adam. (2 Tim 1:9) This salvation did not do us any good even though we had it, until we discovered what God had done for us through his Son Jesus Christ. This information came to us by way of the Gospel, the good news!! Not knowing is darkness!!! Jesus came to destroy death by bring life, and immortality to light through the Gospel. (2 Tim 1:10)

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of seeking, and finding what we already have. Discovery, and understanding what was given to us, brings to us the ability to enjoy it's benefits today. Time does not prevent us from enjoying what the Lord God has given to us from the beginning. What does prevent us from enjoying these things is not knowing, and understanding what we already have!!

Jesus is the first, and the last, he is the BEGINNING, and the END all at the same time.

Think about this. If you have a beginning, and a end, what do we call all the space in between a beginning and a end? It is TIME!!! Time is what separates a beginning from the end. If we remove that time, then the beginning, and the end merge together into one being. The beginning, and the end are EXACTLY the same thing. No difference at all!!! What God has prepared for us in the beginning is exactly what the end will be.

Time itself is simply another form of God's mercy upon the human race. If there was no such a thing as time, as soon as a man sin's God's judgment, and punishment would immediately come down, so man would have no chance to be saved. The Lord is not willing that any man perish the moment he sin's so he has set up a time based system to give that man time to decide who he will serve. This is usually man's entire life span, right up to his death to come to this decision. That is mercy and grace!!

Once we become a child of God, we don't need anymore time to come to that decision, which is why the scripture tells us we have been translated into a new Kingdom where time does not exist. The Lord has given to us the ability to partake of our inheritance of the saints in light the moment we become his child through discovering what we always had from the beginning.

Col 1:12 always thanking the Father. HE HAS ENABLED YOU TO SHARE IN THE INHERITANCE THAT BELONGS TO HIS PEOPLE, who live in the light. (NLT)

Col 1:13 For He has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and TRANSFERRED US INTO THE KINGDOM OF HIS DEAR SON,

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