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the media, good or bad?

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well guys, this is a a question that lies in my head, is media good or bad? what can u say guys?
my opinon is it is bad, hence nothing but bad news ever on it never good news.
when is the last time you heard of someone getting saved on your 6 o'clock news.
thats way i got rid of my tv 7 years ago...nothing but garbage on it
media is as media is. Aint neither good nor bad! It is what people put it to use for i rekon just like anything else. It is like calling a car good or bad just because ya drove it some place.
lol Kaze you've been doing some serious posting, Kudos to you. The media isnt a bad thing strictly speaking. For one thing it is about events that are actually happening. However, this is where the troubles of the end times start to kick in. The news and media in general is being cleverly manipulated in order to accentuate certin isses and desensitise us in order to prepare us for what lye's ahead. Im speaking primarily of the New World Order here. Time is grinding very close to their global takeover and they have been planning it so well. Lets take a look at the mood in the air today as a result of the media. Troubled times are spawning paranoia and fear, the need for security, the endless problems we are facing are crying out for someone to take control. The media has been a very important role in programming our mindset to accept such a thing. I have alot more information on this somewhere, you'll have to excuse my discruntlement, my information was completely wiped out due to a virus (my cousin) :shade: . However, I am off to go find it right now...until then...

What has the media done to invest in the kingdom of God? What could it have dobne by now? What has the media done to break down the kingdom of God and Christianity? Answer those questions honestly.
I'd say the media could be a neutral type of thing. It can also be bad, but only in some contexts. They do inform the people about important things sometimes! The people behind the media may be the real problem.
I think that in a lot of ways it is bad. you see all these celebs wearing all these sexy clothes and it just encourages the youth of today to dress sexy and drink and smoke and all that jazz because they see pics of celebs doing or wearing a certain thing and they just get further and further away from God by following these celebrities.
i think it has its good points and its bad points! it is often very negative and never shows the true story and horror of the bad situations! it's often very biased and i think that it is a bad thing too! it is also good though! without the newspapers, tv or radio we would be completely unaware that there is other people over the sea that need our help! without the tv and radio things like poverty relief and emergency aid would come too late! think about if u didnt have a tv or radio, you'd ave to rely on a tiny little article in a newspaper, as thats all they tend to be cause local stories are always sooooooooo much more important?! anyway... thats my opinion!
Personally, I think the media is bad. It never shows any good things, and doesn't promote Christianity at all, or if it does it doesn't promote it in a good way.
i think media is bad...

because it influences you OFTEN in a bad way...

- media tells you how to look like (if you are a little to chunky then you're out)

- media tells you what is cool and what's not

- media shows you a lot of naked women and stupid movies..

i can't see why media should be good...

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