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The Meantime

Staff Member
The Meantime - November 16, 2005

The timer on the wall behind the counter ticked away the seconds as my food order was filled. Before the cashier handed me the sack with my lunch in it, sixty-three seconds had ticked away. During that time there was not much I could do but wait. Yet, those seconds were a time filled with coordinated activity. That waiting period of time was a time of preparation. I was in "The Meantime".

The Meantime is a peculiar time. It is wrought with new experiences, anticipation, hope, and sometimes anxiety. It is a time in which we may see hints of progress, but we have not seen the manifestation of the the final results.

Our tendency when we are in the Meantimethe time of preparationis to grow impatient. The temptation is for us to find a short cut to our desired end. However, it is in the meantime that we are given experience, perspective, understanding, and insight that will aide in the successful execution of our purpose. It is In the meantime that our relationship with God is deepened, skills are enhanced, relationships are formed, and our personal capacity is expanded.

While in the Meantime, it is important to communicate with God. Sometimes we may not understand, or know how to do, what He has instructed. That's okay. The Bible tells us in James chapter 1 verse 5 that we can ask God for the wisdom we lack, and He will freely give us the wisdom we need.

Second, do the things that are known. Learning new lessons, and practicing lessons learned are keys to success. As we do the things we know how to do, we will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that we have done the best that we can do.

Third, rely on our Source to fill in the gaps, and accept God's provision with thanksgiving. As God coordinates activity, He may use people or methods we do not expect. Remember, His ways are not our ways, so we should not rely solely on human logic, or attempt to manipulate our source of blessing.

Finally, do good deeds for others. When opportunities to help, encourage, or otherwise benefit someone else arise, and it is accompanied with the desire and the capacity to do itjust do it. Every good thing comes from God. So as we wait on God to work on our behalf, we should let God work through us, by doing good for others.

Contributed by Sonia Jackson

" The Meantime" I really like that, and its just what I needed!
Reminded me of the words penned in psalms 23, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over."
Now I will adapt a new outlook on " the meantime" and see it as "Gods preparing for me a table time" What a blessing Chad, thank you!