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The Marijuana issue

Do you think marijuana is bad?

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Do you think its bad?

I sure don't, in fact God doesn't either.

Even God himself tells us that it was made for us.

I refer you to this scripture,

Genesis 1:29

Want more proof?

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco kill people. Marijuana does not.
It just smells bad.
Hahaha! Not much of an argument there.

But whats funny is that most people think skunks smell bad, then later on in life after they have started smoking then smell a skunk again driving down the road they realize that now they think that they smell good!

Well that is how it was for me anyways, and a lot of other people that I know as well. Like my friends would agree too haha.
Staff Member
There are a lot of things that are permissible, but not everything is beneficial.
All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. 1 Corinthians 10:23

Keeping in mind that one can use one verse or even verses in scripture and run with it so that it can support almost anything. Context is clearly what we seek to know and understand.

Your opening question really is misleading. Do you think Marijuana is bad?
The truth is that it's use has been found to be beneficial in some cases, but it also has been found to be harmful in others.

So, is marijuana bad? Not as much as a rock is bad. At least until someone picks it up and hits another person in the head with it. :)

Still, if we know our Rock is the Lord........... :)

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Manuka is a plant native to new zealand. It is a pioneer plant of the bush, grows in scrublands and can become a small tree. It can grow in poor soils, windswept coastal areas and is a haven for bees, who love its flowers. It makes the best honey. The leaves can also be used for tea, dried or smoked for food or bbq and the oil is used as an essential oil and has beneficial properties. The leaves are small and pointy and the many flowers are tiny and dainty.

Its latin name is leucospermum. It is also known as tea tree.

Its a great plant and easy to grow, you can also buy ornamental hybrids bred for bigger flowers and colours which can be pink and red. I have seen it growing even near hot springs the only thing that may bother manuka is sooty mould but in general its a versatile plant.
We can prove many things with the literal Bible, but that does not mean that they are always proven in the eyes of God. Consider this verse:

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good..." Gen 1:31

Yes, He created it all very good, but, what has happened? The goodness was in God's creation. The evil came with men who used God's creations in ways which God told them not to use them.

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Prov 14:12

Is marijuana bad? If it was created in the beginning then according to Gen 1:31, it was "very good". Is the way a person uses it the Way God would want it to be used? If not, then is it not to be found in the "ways of death"?

So then, when in doubt, would it not be better to consult with God to see how He wants us to use something within His creation? We walk along our own pathway, but without God to guide us, it will surely lead to death.
Sorry, its leptospermum not leucospermum. Manuka.

Thr only warning manuka has is if you using as an essential oil not too much of it. I have some used in shampoo.

I wouldnt ever use marijuana as shampoo as it smells bad. Also its illegal. I think it can be used as fibre, but I wouldnt smoke it or use it in cooking, simply cos its got a horrid smell. The synthetic stuff is worse and there have been several warnings that it can kill people and make them dopey. There have been lots of cases of deaths due to synthetic cannabis, because if the chemicals added.

One of my friends says her fiance says uses marijuana for pain relief but is addicted to it, cos without it hes all cranky and irritable. Basically if you using it as a drug and cant do without it then you not in control..its controlling YOU. Some people dont know that if theres pain you just pray and ask God for healing, rather than rely on a drug. If it really worked, you would not have to keep using it ALL the time, and it would have no side effects. Marijuana has a truckload of side effects, basically it drugs you to oblivion, thats not a cure really.
If used in a medicinal way, or to make sturdy goods, its fine, if used for pleasure to get high.... as a drug... then its not fine.
Do you think its bad?
I sure don't, in fact God doesn't either.
Even God himself tells us that it was made for us.
I refer you to this scripture,
Genesis 1:29
Want more proof?
Drugs, alcohol and tobacco kill people. Marijuana does not.
It's bad.
Marijuana is the killer of ambition.
It is also a waste of money: money you could use to help the poor.
Seems like a lot of rastafarians on this site.

Jesus was lifted on high without any use of drugs. As far as herbs go, Jesus admonished the Pharisees for tithing their mint and cumin. Whether they tithed marijuana I dont know, but they placed more importance on the amount of herbs they had than the God they were supposedly offering it to.
Seems like a lot of rastafarians on this site.

Jesus was lifted on high without any use of drugs. As far as herbs go, Jesus admonished the Pharisees for tithing their mint and cumin. Whether they tithed marijuana I dont know, but they placed more importance on the amount of herbs they had than the God they were supposedly offering it to.
So why do you think people that take Abraham as their most important prophet as part of this site?
It may be possible that it has medicinal value... I don't know. It has been legal here in this state for a few years.

All that aside.... The Bible talks about drunkenness negatively. Luke 21:34; Romans 13:13; 1 Cor 5:11; 1 Cor 6:10; Gal 5:21; Eph 5:18;
1 Pet 4:3;

Not I realize being drunk from alcohol is slightly different from smoking marijuana. However both have the ability to intoxicate you.
You can be under the influence of marijuana just like you can be under the influence of alcohol.
My opinion is that if you aren't in control of your own mind... someone else is. Alcohol isn't called "spirits" for nothing.

The Bible says a little wine is good for the stomach. ( 1 Tim 5:23; ) but it also says too much will lead to drunkenness and dissipation.
How much marijuana is "too much"? I think it's different for different people. Some people can never have "just one drink".
So they use alcohol to numb the "pain". The "pain" usually isn't physical.... It's usually emotional.
In the last century, when anesthetics weren't available... doctors gave people alcohol to make them "not mind the pain so much".
It's a fine line between escaping reality and escaping pain. How much reality do we have to miss, while we are escaping the pain?
I used to love weed. I smoked it for years. God created all the seed-bearing herbs to be eaten, not smoked. Maybe that is why sensimillia is so much stronger psychoactive-wise?

Eating edibles for a legit medical problem in a state where it is legal is one thing, but smoking it for recreational use in a state where it is illegal (and even where it is legal for that matter) is not what someone who is imitating Christ would do, brother. The word "sorcery" comes from "Pharmacia." Think of a witch brewing up herbs and mushrooms. Think of a "magician" giving you a botanical potion and then wooing you with his "magic" around the time that the mescaline, psilocybin, DMT, etc. kicked in.

Mind-altering substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol are harmful to the mind, especially if they are abused, friend. It can cause panic attacks, depression, social withdrawal, mental dependency, a lack of motivation, acute psychosis, and help the development of latent long-term mental issues. Especially when you consider "Dank" strains, hashish, and concentrates like oils, wax, and shadder. Yet that is not to overlook the very real harm that mere "mids" can cause.

While there are alternatives to smoking (such as eating and vaping), most people smoke the actual plant material. While--to my knowledge--Cannabis does not have any actual carcinogens or poisons in the plant itself (like Tobacco does for instance) combusting pretty much any organic material emits tar, and the smoke these organic materials produce include many carcinogens (this is why smoked and grilled foods are carcinogenic).

Marijuana smoke has an exceptional amount of tar because of the density of the bud material. And there are some very real lung problems that weed smoke can cause. . .although I don't think there is any conclusive evidence that weed smoke can cause lung cancer. In fact, I remember there being a study that suggested that cannabis is anti-cancerous. However, this does not warrant its recreational/illicit use. It can still cause physical harm to the body (although minimal) and definite harm to the mind (whether one is in denial of this fact--like I was--or not). So it is harmful to the Temple of God, and therefore should be unquestionably be purged.

Not to mention, the Bible says to obey the Laws of the Land, and if we want to get technical, the entire land (federal government) has declared it illegal, whether anyone thinks it is fair or not (I used to be highly pro-legalization. In fact, I was for decriminalization of all drugs at one point in my life, but we won't get into that).

I am sorry, but the argument many herald around which states that it is "non-addictive" is a flat-out lie. Sure, it may not be physically addictive like Heroin. It may not be on par with the mental addiction that comes with habitual Meth-use. But weed is a demon of its own. It may be the lesser of the evils, but that does not change the fact that it is evil. . .whether one has deceived themselves into not believing that fact or not.

I smoked the stuff almost religiously (before dropping it to save money it for an IV meth-habit) from about the time I turned 16 till I was 21. I was reliant on it. My day was not complete without at least a couple tokes off of a J or a nice rip off my bong. In fact, I considered it "a waste of a day" in my life if I was not burnin'.

It is idolatry, plain in simple. Just as most all psychoactive drugs are, my friend. We can doctor it up and make it sound much better than it is. But we should be real with ourselves and also (and more importantly) be real with God. . .and thus be slaves to nothing. For whatever you submit your self to (even if it is a bong) you are a slave to. There is no gray area with those words.

Not to mention the shady and illegal things and people you have to get involved with to get it. Plus, most people you would be hanging around who smoke it regularly probably aren't truly sincere about following Christ (one who says "Jesus is Lord" without making Jesus Lord of their life is a contradictory liar). Bad company ruins good morals. And even if you do live in a place where you can legally buy it in a store, then the same thing applies for a believer walking into the liquor store and buyin' a bottle or a case of beer. It just ain't right. Drunkards won't inherit the kingdom of heaven. God is not partial. . .do you really think He's gonna say, "Well, marijuana is okay I guess" or "stoners are a totally different story than those wretched boozers"?

And don't get me started on how it leans one much more towards gluttony. And for me personally, the stuff made me apathetic and when I came down I would get really frustrated with people much easier for no good reason (although it was nowhere near on the level of heroin frustration. That stuff made me want to chew someone else out just for breathing next to me). Which definitely isn't love for your neighbor.

If you can't love the image of God whom you can see, then how can you love God whom you can't see? If you are making weed an untouchable god in your life, how are you sincerely loving God? If you are harming your body and mind, then how shall you "be ye thankful" for what you were graciously given? If you can't learn to love yourself by treating your own body with more respect, then how can you love your neighbor as yourself? The list just keeps cycling around itself.

Drop the Ganja, my man. It's in your best interest to do so. I used to try to justify myself, too. But if you are making vain attempts at justifying yourself, then that right there says something about the morality of it in and of itself. No one comes on here and asks "Is helping the homeless a good thing?" Some things (like the "goodness" of Marijuana) are self-explanatory, but sometimes denial gets in the way of the very clear answer.

I don't mean to criticize, I am just telling you what I have learned myself. You have a free-will to do whatever you choose, just as I do. I am 24 now and have been clean from Meth for I think 10 months now and I haven't smoked weed in over a year if I remember correctly. You gotta be real with yourself and be real with God, and then you need to learn God's anciently revealed will and follow it through the power of Christ.
I don't have an issue with weed. I have never smoked it myself, but was raised around it. I have family members/friends that did it or do it now.

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