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The Love and Wrath of God!

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The Love and Wrath of God! Today in our “politically correct” world and “ear-tickling listener friendly” preaching the scripturally sound, millennia old, doctrine of the “Wrath of God” has fallen on hard times. It would seem that any concept of God’s wrath is down played.
There is nothing ''politically correct'' about preaching the love of God and properly representing all scripture in its correct context.

One evil is teaching that God is evil. God tortures. Another evil is teaching that God does not punish. There is no punishment for sins. They are both half truths. Neither is true.
We who have from free will chosen to serve Him
I,m sure many chose to serve Him when they responded and repented after the Holy Spirit convicted them while attending a fire and brimstone sermon at a Baptist or Pentecostal church meeting. Who wants to go to hell? Especially since it is then too late. There was a very good evangelical film in the seventies about the rapture and a song that came out of it " i wish we had all been ready" If you miss the rapture you can still repent and refuse the mark of the beast. Once in hell - nope - too late!
God is not wrath and love at the same time. He is one coin with only love on both sides. Wrath is a product of His love.
Yep as i said in the OP - " God’s Wrath is His Love in action against the wicked" - God offers to all humans on earth the choice which do you want - My Great Fatherly Love or My
Fearsome Godly Wrath - which do you want ?
A torturous God?
Who created hell which just happens to be a place that will hold eventually billions of fallen angels and tens of billions of unbelievers? It is the largest incarceration chamber in the universe. That is tortuous enough. In hell you will burn, feel unimaginable physical pain, pass out, be supernaturally resuscitated, feel pain, pass out, etc for ever. It is place of everlasting fire - what about that fact are we NOT understanding?
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