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The Lord works in mysterious ways

The following is a true story
(the names have been ommited to protect the innocent)
(plus i dont really know the names)

There was a woman who came to know Jesus.She started attending a place of worship and taking home study aids along with her bible.The problem was that after a short while her husband became violently opposed to her new path and forbid her from following it.Undeterred the lady carried on in her service albeit in a more discreet fashion.One day her husband discovered some bible literature hidden in the house and went beserk.He threatened her by saying if one more time he found out she was still involved with these christians he would seek one out a beat him.Nevertheless she carried on recognising Christ as being more important than her husband and became more secretive and careful in her worship.Sure enough sooner or later he found some other evidence of her continuing relationship with God and vowed to keep his promise to her.

He knew for a fact that these particular christians were meeting in a nearby city for an annual convention and he would have the perfect oppurtunity to exact his revenge.Obviously you have gleaned by now that this man was a mean-spirited bully and he meant to deck a peace loving christian thinking there would be no reprisal based on turning the other cheek.The convention was underway with a gathering of about 12,000 in attendance when the man entered the stadium.He marched up to the first man he saw and punched him full in the face knocking him to the floor.The poor bewildered guy picks himself up,walks back to the man and punches him back in the face knocking him to the floor.The guy sits there rubbing his jaw and says:"i thought you christians were supposed to be peaceful and hate violence?".The other man replied :"i aint a christian,im the caretaker!".

Its a story i heard many years ago and it still makes me laugh.The thing is that isnt the end of the story.This hard-hearted man felt that forces had been at work and God had played a hand in all of this.He apologised profusely to his wife,started studying the bible and gave his life over to Jesus.

Truely the Lord does work in mysterious ways.
Thats Great Sparky ! Thanks for posting that story . God is awesome in all things . Praise God for the caretakers ! :thumbs_up Mike