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The Lord & the fig tree

G'day brothers & sisters

I'm new

The Lord's encounter with the fig tree and His reaction always makes me smile whenever I think of it.

It's why this ID is ' fig_tree '

Though, unlike the fig tree, hopefully I will bear fruit

I pray the Lord guides and blesses you to bear fruit for the Kingdom too

All Glory and Praise to our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @fig_tree
Always a joy to welcome another sister in Christ Jesus to this online community of Christian Believers!
I hope you find fellowship and growth in Christ Jesus while you are here.

I'm in total agreement about the hope of bearing fruit.
All to the Glory of God Sister!

Once again be Welcome!
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Thank you for your kind message.
I'm happy to have come across this forum (which is well designed).

Interacting with those who love the Lord is special.
What a wonderful thing to have in common.
If only He were here on Earth now for everyone who loves
and follows Him to sing His praises.

Again, thank you for your warm welcome

Wishing you a blessed day!