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the lord has really showed me today........................

the lord has really showed me today that u can't trust every1 so u just have to mak the best outta the people that u can trust and what i say is u can always trust the lord.i gotta go reply back
Hi Sokerbean, welcome to Talk Jesus. It sounds as if you have been hurt - know that your brothers & sisters here will be praying for you.

A long time ago someone told me something that meant so much to me that I wrote it in my Bible. It was: "Don't put your eyes on man - man will let you down every time." That isn't to be negative - it's to remind us just where our focus should be - on God.

Pray that He will put people in your path that He wants you to be friends with. Then pray Him in the midst of any & all relationships you have (even those here). In doing that, your eyes aren't on man....they are on God. He will ordain your relationships - each & every one.
Hi Soker first sorry it took me so long to reply I have not been able to be here as often as I would like. 2nd I also have learned never... ever.. never... never... never place someone on a pedalstool. The can fail you because just like me and you they are human. The only one who will never ever fail you is Christ....

Understand though I am not saying that talk to no one and be a loner but what I am saying is remember who always should have the glory :)

Joyfully ~ Jlu
Staff Member
Like some already said, the only One you can ALWAYS PERFECTLY TRUST is Jesus Christ!

Now it is important to keep in mind that the devil tries to get us to doubt and distrust even the most honest people out there. You need to be careful not to let this happen or else your in for some great damage. It is happened to me in the past in such a way and the results are not pretty. Thank GOD the past is just that, past.

Trust in the Lord above all things, people and matters. GOD is Trust after all.

God bless you!
Yeah it's sad commign across ppl liek that :(:(

but yeah i agree with yoru theory with just goign with people who you can so yeah

Love Simon!!!