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The liquor got my pops, right...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned
    The weight of the hate toward my "dad" has me pinned
    Heavy lies the crown that my mother had to wear
    as Queen of the castle because that Joker wasn't there...

    Not every day, mind you, but every once in awhile
    I wish I could find you and straight curb-stomp that smile
    Some days you defile what little's left of my mind
    when I think about the ways you left me and moms behind
    See, I have to say "ways" because I don't really know
    I was just a baby when you left so long ago
    Why did you go away...where did you go to
    I have to make up reasons why I don't know you
    "My dad?...Yeah, he's in the CIA
    I can't say much, I'll give his cover away"
    Or else "My dad?...Yeah, he's RIP"
    Only you ain't really dead, you're just dead to me
    One...dead...beat...and lonely blows the bass
    Replacing childhood with a dark and somber place
    Retracing memories that are better left alone
    Singing lullabies into the eyes of my own
    I try to atone for the hatred in my heart
    but do I hate you for me, or the way you tore moms apart
    If I could kickstart her heart and bring her back for one day
    she would tell me that her love for you never went away
    I always saw it in her eyes behind her sad disguise
    The way she lived her life behind the sweet little lies
    and had you ever come back, she would have taken you back
    but papa was a rolling paint it black
    Yeah, I tried it before...being gone...but no more
    Forget a 6x8 and a cold steel door
    Get my girl knocked up, I might be gone for a season
    but even locked up, yo, at least I had a reason...

    The rise and fall of alcohol had me give it all away
    but the Lord brought me back to a brand new day
    so I pray for the Light in the middle of his night
    The liquor got my pops, right...but never got my pops right

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