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the lightening bolt

Hey guys,
thought I'd share something that happened to me this summer...it gave me a hope and confidence that got me through some tough times.

We live in rural Montana. This summer I was housesitting and there was a storm...a thunderstorm. The room I was to sleep in was very unsafe for a storm--it had sliding glass door on one side of the bed and windows on the ohter two sides. Well, I lay down to try to sleep pushing away my worries about lightening and windows with the thought that that kind of thing rarely happens so don't worry.

Well, as I was going to sleep a lightening bolt did come into the room just three feet from where I lay. It was the most awesome power I'd ever imagined.

Yet, as I thought about it the next morning...a lightening bolt seems to us so very powerful and uncontrolable but God chose to place His hand up and protect me from its power. He can, and chose to, control that bolt and reach down and touch me. It struck me that if such an uncontrolable thing as that could be and was taken care of by God, why in the world do I waste good time worrying about the mistakes I make, or the misunderstandings between the family I was staying with and I, or the deer that might jump out in front of my truck, or the money that seemed to be not comming in fast enough. God is big enough to take care of us. Of course, that doesn't mean I sit back and do nothing to earn money or just drive crazy in the deer country but He is in control of my life and ultimately, I can't do much to control it. God is awesome!!!