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The Light (A Ballade)

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The Light

Dark dismal lay the sacred land,
All hope it seem’d was cast away.
Strong fetters of a tyrant’s hand,
Cold cords which held life’s warmth at bay.
In slith’ring whispers deep they say,
You ate of the forbidden tree;
You called me forth I’m here to stay;
I am your king eternally.

A steady beam though seem’d to stand;
A light so clear it spoke of day.
A crimson flowing healing band;
A sign of hope to point the way;
To something out there far away.
The darkness from it seem’d to flee;
Yet still we hear the serpent say;
I am your king eternally.

Time’s glass then drop’d its chosen sand
The light grew bright the darkness stay’d.
Life woke, then died a triune span;
Then woke again ETERNAL DAY!
We are no more the serpent’s prey;
Sin’s darken’d bands are gone. WE’RE FREE!
That liar dare no longer say
I am your king eternally.

As darkness flees the morning ray,
The Son cries, “Children come to me!”
Your bonds now loos’d you need not stray,
I am your king eternally.