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The Levitical sacrifices and how they relate to Jesus Christ

PARASHA: VaYikra (and he called)

LEVITICUS 1:1-6:7...............ISAIAH 43:21-44:23........................HEB 10: 1-18

We start a new study in the Book of VaYikra (Leviticus) thus named so in Greek because it talks about the Levitical priesthood and the sacrifices.

"VaYikra El Moshe" starts verse 1 of Leviticus, "God called to Moshe" this happened three times, the first time that Adonai called TO Moshe was at the burning bush, then he called TO Moshe when he invited Moshe up to the mountain top to give him the commandments, then he called TO Moshe to teach these commandments to his people.

The word "sacrifice" in Hebrew is "korban" the root word is "Karav" (krv) which means "to approach" or "come near to". So the animal sacrifices were instituted to bring the people "near to" or to "approach" God. By all means, the animal sacrifices with their blood never SAVED a person, but through their FAITH they were saved, the same applies to us today, our faith in the one-time "korban" of Yeshua, his sacrifice of blood on the cross saved us for ever, provided that we BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH. back then, the sacrifices COVERED

the sins of Israel, today, our sins have been "blotted out" "erased" for ever.

BURNT OFFERING was for ALL people, symbolizing the recognition of our sin nature, bulls, sheep, goats, turtledoves and young pigeons were used. There was an animal for every person no matter what economic status. The rich could bring a bull (unblemished) the middle class (one could say) could bring sheep or goats, and the very poor would bring a turtle dove or a pigeon. It speaks that ALL OF US, no MATTER WHAT OUR STATUS in this world, ALL ARE SINNERS, AND WE ALL HAVE THE SIN NATURE. the animals of course symbolize Yeshua, who was the ultimate "korban" the bull symbolizes the "strength of God" the ancient letter "aleph" took the form of the head of a bull or ox in paleo-Hebrew. The sheep/lamb symbolizes "Yeshua who is the Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world. The goats symbolize the sacrifice at Yom Kippur, one was sacrificed and the other sent away, symbolizing that Yeshua bore our sins on the cross, and "took them away" never to be remembered again.

GRAIN OFFERING symbolize the faith that the people had in the provision of Adonai, for their future crops, that the people's lives were in God's hands, it was a tribute to YHVH the name is MINCHAH offering. It consisted of fine flour, with oil and frankincense. The priest would take three fingers (as kind of a spoon) and scoop up some of the mixture and throw it on the fire on the brazen altar. It would go up in smoke as an offering. We can see Yeshua illustrated in this, since the fine flour is used to make bread, and Yeshua is the "Bread of Life" the olive oil symbolizes the "Ruach HaKodesh" (The Holy Spirit) and the frankincense, symbolizes our prayers as it is used also in incense. The smoke goes up as a "sweet savor" unto Adonai, just like our prayers go up to Heaven, and the LORD delights in hearing them. The grain/flour mixture did not contain leaven, since leaven symbolizes "sin" and Yeshua is "without" sin, and so we will be in "Ha Olam Haba" (in the world to come)

PEACE OFFERING, The "korban Shalom" was a voluntary offering to Adonai as a "thanksgiving" or in "gratitude" for blessings received, kind of like what we do in the USA on "Thanksgiving" we invite family and friends and roast a turkey as a "thanksgiving offering" thanking God for blessings. The animals were bulls, cows, sheep, and goats. The fat was burned on the altar, and the other portions were for Aaron and his sons, they would participate in eating the offering together with the offerer. This reminds us also of holidays when families go to the parks and bring hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages (hopefully kosher) and "fajitas" and have a BBQ over an open fire, we can look at these times as times of "celebrations of peace and blessings" We as believers have the "peace which passes all understanding" because we know we are saved through "HaDam Yeshua" the blood of Yeshua and we are part of the family of Elohim. Any time is a good time to offer a "korban shalom".

SIN OFFERING, would be for someone who sinned "unintentionally" the animals would be a bull, goat, or a lamb. The animal would be slaughtered at the altar and the priest would dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle the blood 7 times toward the curtain of the Holy Place, we see the number 7, the perfect number, symbolizing our God who is perfect and pure, Today, we need not to sacrifice animals since Yeshua was the "sacrificed lamb" and all we need do is "confess and turn " from our sins, and we receive forgiveness.

TRESPASS OFFERING, would be for a person who took an oath falsely, or touched some unclean thing unknowingly, or without thinking, uttered "thoughtless, not-very-nice, words

(like a lot of us do today) the animals were a lamb, goat, or a turtledove, or pigeon. We see there is a provision for ALL PEOPLE, like the burnt offering. we are ALL GULTY before the LORD in trespassing his commandments, we do it all the time, even in thought. But again, all we need do is confess our sins and "turn" (Teshuvah) from our sins, Yeshua took the place of all the sacrificial animals, he gave his ALL for ALL of us, past, present, and future

____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________

ISAIAH 43:21-44:23

Adonai is stating his case, and he is showing mercy and ever-lasting love and forgiveness for his people. Israel has forgotten about the "Korbanot" (sacrifices) and have been living in sin, far from Adonai, but he will not forget Israel, and offers redemption, He is the ALEF and the TAV (et) in ancient Hebrew illustrates the "Strong God of the Covenant" He is the ROCK (HaTzur) as Yeshua is the ROCK. Adonai says the "idolatry is foolishness" statues of wood, rock, etc, have no life, so why bow down before them? (Shall I fall down before a block of wood?) 44 vs 19. For YHVH has redeemed Jacob and glorifies himself in Israel, through Yeshua Ha Goel, Yeshua the Redeemer, not only for Israel but for all mankind.

____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _________________

HEBREWS 10:1-18

Rav Shaul states what we learned before, that the animal sacrifices could not take away the sins of the people, they could only cover them, but now, through Yeshua, our sins have been blotted out, cast away from us, erased, The old covenant was not perfect, in this way, so therefore, under the New Covenant, which is a better covenant, we need not get our hands bloody with animal blood, only lift up our hands on high and thank Yeshua for his one-time all sufficient sacrifice for our sins, for all time.

Shabbat Shalom......................Rabbi Ben Avraham

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