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The Laughing Jesus

(Sorry - this is not a joke )

I wanted to share this AWESOME picture with those who may never have seen it...

"The Christian tradition hardly associates laughter with Jesus at all, which is why the picture of the laughing Jesus on your pewslip is so striking. No one knows the origin of this picture, but it is thought to come from Latin America, and is popular amongst poor communities there.
They see in it the laughter of hope."

i tell you what i found funny coconut a picture of George and the dragon i laphed with all of my being thanks for your post Gary
I had pictures that showed Jesus playing with small children that was hand drawn in pencil (I didn't draw them) He was laughing and smiling in those..

I have to say when I see Jesus I know He will be smiling... also we will have a good laugh at some of the things in my life (ohh I know Im gonna hear something about that remark)

Love in Christ
Thats the first time I`ve seen that picture...I looked for more, but the rest were in color, and did`nt strike me the same...very touching to me!

Oh do tell 'some of those things' Bobbie

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