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The last days

People seem afraid that the church is declining, of course it is, we're in the last days. Scripture tells us that in the last days most people professing Christianity will fall away, leaving the true church. The remnant, I believe, will become like the early church, living in hiding and meeting in homes. The mark will make life hard, as without it we will not be able to trade. Many will find this intolerable and leave the faith. The only ones that will stick it out, are those whose faith is their lives. people who are so in love with Jesus, that even death would be better than being separated from him. To get a grasp of the reality of our situation in that time, we need to refresh our understanding by reading the account of the stoning of Stephen in Acts 7:54-60. It's interesting to note that whilst the rocks were bouncing off him, Stephen was praying that his murder would not be held against the perpetrators. I heard, on the radio, only this week that implants were being discussed as an alternative to covid passports, as they could hold all of a persons information and could be read by alternatives to card readers. Israel is centre stage and there's talk of the third temple. I believe that we all should be praying for grace to see us through the time ahead. I'm in my eightieth year, I believed that I would be long gone before the return of Jesus. I now, am not so sure. I pray that the Lord will bless all here at Talk Jesus and provide the grace without which we won't survive. Bless you all.
There will be a rapture. God will not leave His bride, the Holy Spirit and children at the mercy of the beast.

According to Matt 24, there will be a session prior to the rapture where we are handed over and persecuted Matt 24:9. This will be prior to the mark of the beast. The mark will be introduced by the beast once we are gone.

There will be tribulation saints that reject the mark of the beast and will suffer terribly Rev 2:10. They want immediate vengeance by God on those who killed them Rev 6:10.

Many do not believe in a rapture event. But no offence to these people, they simply do not understand God or Christianity. In no universe and in no time zone will a good God leave children alone with the devil.

Matt 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.