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The landlord

Discussion in 'Stories' started by pookiejr, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. *if this should go somewhere else, please move it*

    Mae lived in the only apartment around; one that few believed to be owned by the elusive Mr. Lucas. Most people don't even believe that Mr. Lucas exists, that he was just a item of folklore or the personification of ideas based on human need. But, at any rate, Mae was content with believing that she was in charge of her own little corner of the world. The place was not terrible, but it was not great either. Some sections were worse than others (much worse), but it was not bad. When Mae was walking to her apartment when Christina approached her with this story.

    You see Christina told Mae that the apartment was not owned by Mr. Lucas, but that he was just renting it out. Mr. Lucas had made a mess of things from the get go. Mae didn't really believe that there was a Mr. Lucas, but; out of kindness, the listened to Christina's story. As she continued, Christina claimed the previous owner who built the property was coming back for the tenants; he also had plans to demolish the property and rebuild. Mae thought within her self "I have never seen any viable documents stating such a thing, thus, I have no reason to give any thought to this."

    "Mr. Ehyeh Doesn't want anyone to get kicked out, he just wants to make sure that all of us actually want to live with him"

    "Why would he care about us wanting to live with him? he's just a land lord. I mean, sure; you can kiss up to them if they want, but they care about is getting paid"

    "My Father Isn't like that"

    "really?" Mae said smugly


    "You see, he had been a land lord for some time and he knew what would, and would not work in a living community. He wants all of his kids together and he wants..."

    "Wait, all of his kids?"


    "so who else here is supposed to be related to this Ehyeh guy"

    "Anyone who believes my brother."

    "excuse me?"

    "Well, he sent my brother several years ago to tell everyone who he was, how he built the complex and how he want people to stop ignoring him and realize that they need him. Anyway, most people didn't believe him and then they..."

    "No, no, no, I mean how does he, I mean, does he adopt people or something?"

    "Yeah, he's willing to adopt anyone who wants to be around him."

    "Okay... So let me get this straight, you are saying that the management is going to change right?


    "... According to... what?"

    "My brother"

    "Who is?"

    "The word"

    "... *sighs* listen, kid; I get what you are saying, but I don't believe in Builders so..."

    "Oh ok, so why not?"

    "There's like not evidence for it"

    "I just said that Mr. Ehyhe sent my brother-"

    "Wow, 'Mr. Ehyeh?" you guys must be real close, huh?" Mae said rolling her eyes.

    "Well," Christina remarked, "for someone who is not his child, you are being a pretty good listener, but since you currently refuse to be adopted, I am using terms that would be more relatable to you"

    "I like a good story, but I need to see legal documents before I believe anything, besides; you didn't answer me question."


    "you and Mr. Ehyeh, you seem to talk a lot about someone who doesn't exist. I mean, Good for you if it helps you to be a moral person, but its really not necessary"

    "Look Mae, Im just"

    "Who told you my name?"

    "the Comforter."

    "Who is?"

    "The one my brother sent when he left. Mae, When my dad comes back, I want you to be able to live here with
    us, HE wants you to be here with us"

    "Yeah, I'm going away now; K bye!"

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