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The Key To Undertanding God and Scripture



I will probably raise a little fuss from this but, that is O.K. And, though I have many in mind, I won't be using any scripture. If you need something, just tell me for what aspect of my talk and I will do my best to accommodate.

Before you have any chance of understanding God and scripture, you of course must be born again, a believer, saved but, that being a condition or prerequisite of over all salvation, it doesn't necessarily mean that you understand something. And, please, I am not insinuating that I know all, I am just relating what I believe is a key in understanding and which helps me a lot.

The key is this: It is all of God and none of us; everything and I mean everything is God's doing, his will and even from the very foundation this occurs. What do I mean by "everything"? That would be everything and here are some of the basic things or truths. Being hinged on his gift and if it is a gift, it is free, some of these things are: grace, forgiveness, faith and salvation.

The problem where some won't agree and say, " you just have to something"! Whether it is water baptism or faith without works, YOU just have to do your part. Now, this is actually the part where I don't fully understand...when it comes to acknowledging that I am a sinner, repenting, asking for forgiveness, possessing a repentant heart...I have done / do all of that. But, here is what I believe, As a Christian it is not that you must do something, it is as a Christian, you want to do something, that is a big difference.

Look at it this way. What is all of this about, God, Jesus, the Bible? It is about saving souls, snatching them out of the grasp of Satin and getting them safely to heaven. From the very beginning, the main problem has been the imperfection of man; where the law is holy, righteous and blameless, man has proven time and time again, he is not! How do you take an imperfect being, defeat Satin and get this being to heaven?....You, God, devise a perfect plan, take man completely out of the equation and defeat the devil!

O.K., why are there so many that don't believe and what about free will choice. Wow...choice vs. election...this is definitely starting to get out of my wheel house...God is capable of anything, and he tells us that before the foundation he knows who choose him and he predestined them.

What it has come down to is, any of my success, I credit to God. He is in control. My understanding of him is this: my faith, salvation , forgiveness, repentant heart...all of it is because of him and there is nothing I could possibly do unless I could fail!

How do I understand him and his scripture the best I can and why am I going to heaven? It is because I believe that somehow he does everything...It is all of him and none of me...what grace is this?!
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Call it Grace
For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. John 1:16