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The Jews Messiah!

Have you ever thought what their Messiah to come is all about? Its very strange what theirs is to what GodJesus is to us! And they are waiting for {THIS MAN}>very>very intro
You should look into it>>very intro>>> Islam if I'm wrong follows the same line pattern with their messiah.
Messiah will be a human being, the child of two human parents. He will be by unbroken patrilineal descent the undisputed heir of King David.
The Messiah will be the unchallenged king of all Jews everywhere in the world. (When I say unchallenged, I mean that none of the Jews will challenge him, once it is understood who he is. There is little doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church -- and perhaps many Protestant Churches as well -- will challenge him, and call him the "antichrist." But they will soon realize their error, because they will have no power against the true and only Messiah.) He will be anointed with the special anointing oil that the Prophets used when appointing kings. The word "messiah" is Hebrew for "annointed."
The King Messiah will reinstate the royal dynasty of David to its ancestral regal status. He will be king, and his son will be king after him. The King Messiah will live a very long life. When he dies, his son will become king. When his son dies, also after a long life, the grandson will be king after him. After the grandson's reign, this world will come to an end. The world will be dormant for one thousand years, and then the World to Come will begin and last for all eternity. We will be resurrected, which means that our souls will return to our bodies, and we will live forever on this, earth, which will also be renewed.
The King Messiah will be very active in the Holy Temple. He will reinstate the Sanhedrin, our highest court, and they will reinstate the High Priest. Together, they will rebuild the Holy Temple. It is possible that the Messiah will not be anointed king until after the Holy Temple has been rebuilt, but in any case from the beginning he will lead all the Jews.

Sacrifices will once again be brought at the Holy Temple.
I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

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