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the INTEGRITY of PRIESTS...Lev 21:1-24:23


LEV 21:1-24:23.............................EZEKIEL 44:15-31..........................1 PETER 2:4-10

In this Parasha, we see also, a variety of themes. We start out with "Kodesh Shel haCohanim" (Holiness of the priests)

we see the high standard of integrity that is expected of priests, One could say, the same is for today, a high standard is expected of pastors, rabbis, ministers, Sunday school teachers, Torah teachers, etc. But this chapter talks about "priests touching the dead".

They are only allowed physical contact with the dead if the person is mother, father, and of course a wife, We ask why? well, someone has to bury the dead, and it would usually be the job of the closest kin to the deceased. The dead person would have to be buried right away, in the same day. We can understand this also biologically, a corpse starts to decompose, attract flies, disease, etc, especially in a hot place like the middle east, and the quicker the body goes into the ground, the sooner the body becomes a part of "Adamah" (the dust) again.

vs 5; "They shall be holy to their God and not profane the name of their God" every time we see the word "holy" connected with people, it is always lacking the "o" or in Hebrew, the letter "vav" we understand from last time that because of our sin nature, we can not be completely "holy" like God, God (Elohim) is "Kadosh" while, (including the priests) we are always "kadsh" (not quite 'Kadosh" yet, but in time, the in world to come, YES) The word also says that they are not to make any "cuttings in their flesh" tattoos fall into the category of "cuttings in the flesh" (not me speaking, it is God's Word)

We also see a summary of the "moedim" (Feasts of the LORD), in chap 23, we can look at them briefly again.

1. SHABBAT: to be honored by all believers. A day of rest, of studying the Torah, to worship HaShem, (I know I am going to get feedback on this from the forums) No guys, the Sabbath was NEVER changed to Sunday, Acts just tells us what the talmidim were accustomed to doing on Saturday evenings and perhaps on Sunday mornings, getting together and breaking bread (fellowship meals) and studying the Word, nothing wrong with that, ANY day of the week, not only on Sundays.

2. PASSOVER AND UNLEAVENED BREAD: the blood on the door posts, the sacrificed lambs symbolize our Messiah's death on Calvary's cross, The unleavened bread and bitter herbs; Yeshua the Bread of Life, and the "bitterness of sin" how we come out of the bondage of sin by accepting the sacrifice of the Lamb who is Yeshua the Bread of Life.

3. FEAST OF FIRST FRUITS: We are reminded of Messiah Yeshua being the "first fruit from the grave" He resurrected from the dead, we are to give also, our "first fruits" of our living, from our wages, if some are farmers, the first fruit of the crops, that portion given away freely, perhaps to local churches/synagogues in the area. The sacrifices were a lamb, and fine flour mixed with oil, this was to be done along side of the sheaves of wheat, lamb = Yeshua, fine Flour= Yeshua the Bread of Life, oil = Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit)

4. FEAST OF WEEKS: or "Shavuot" or "Pentecost" known in church circles, in ancient times, 2 loaves of "leavened" bread, (about 4 pounds each loaf) were "waved" before YHVH, along with 7 lambs, which were sacrificed, many ask "why 2?" what is the meaning of the number "2" ? well, there are these possibilities; the "Y'hudim v Goyim" (Jews and Gentiles) the "New Covenant and the Old" "Old life and the New Life" remember that " leaven" was used, so, what does that remind us of?


The "days of Awe" when we are to contemplate on our relationship with God though Yeshua, are we found lacking? if so, it is time for "Teshuvah" to "getting back to God"

Back then, our sins were only "covered" for one year, now, they have been "atoned" for once and forever, by Yeshua's blood.

Chap 24. The Menorah is mentioned, the lamps are to be kept "burning continually" reminds us of "Yeshua" who is our "eternal light" and since we are HIS eternal lights, we will be "lights" for all eternity also. (I was going to write, "burn" eternally, but some might get the wrong idea, and think of the "other place" (yikes!, no AC down there)
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EZEKIEL 44:15-31

The Prophet speaks of the future priests that will be in charge of the Temple in Jerusalem, the priesthood of Zadok, those who were faithful to Adonai. One of the jobs of the priests will be to teach the people, as it says in verse 23

"And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the unholy, and cause them to discern between unclean and clean" they shall also "keep my TORAH, and my MOEDIM, and hallow my SHABBATS"

These things are what every PASTOR, RABBI, TORAH TEACHER, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER, YOUTH MINISTER, PRIEST, BISHOP, or whatever title the churches today bestow, teach to their congregations. If they are not doing those things, they are not doing their jobs, however, many think that these are "Jewish things" well, they are "Bible things" and "God things" (all go together)
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1 PETER 2:4-10

"Behold, I lay in Zion a Chief cornerstone, elect, precious, and he who believes on HIM will by no means be put to shame" (focal verse) the "chief Cornerstone" is HIM, Yeshua, who is the "AVEN" (word for "Stone") a combination of two words AV (father) and BEN (son) we get "Aben" or "Aven" We can either "rest and trust on the STONE" or the "STONE will crush us" we are either "for the STONE" or "Against the STONE" there are no "in betweens"

Shabbat Shalom..........Rabbi Ben Avraham