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The Holy Spirit

I must admit at first i always thought about the Holy Spirit as been the third person the less important part of the Trinity but thats where i was wrong i have come to realise that as believers we hurt the Holy Spirit by degrading Him to a lesser position then he deserves. The Holy Spirit isn't just an it He is a person just like the Father and The son He has feelings just like you and i and is wanting to be our very best friend. When Jesus left He didn't just leave an it He left the Comforter the bestest friend we could ever have the one who will never turn His back on us the one who when everyone turns there back on us He is always there the one that when we feel like we want to give up He is there with a still small voice bidding us to carry on saying "not long to go now the race is almost over just a few more miles and then you'll be home" to be honest i don't know what i would do without him.
I ask you all one thing today and that is not to hurt my very best friend He is sat there just waiting for someone to invite Him into their lives, He wont come until we ask Him thats how much He loves us that He wont intrude where Hes not wanted. I wish you all to meet Him
Thank you polaris you have just confirmed somthing i was reading last nite and felt really down by the way ive treated the holy spirit, im sure we all have grieved him, but not to acknowledge our precious holy spirit or think of him or speak to him is grieving him.
Imagine driving in your car for hours with your family or friends and everyone was silent there wasnt a conversation, someone in that car would feel hurt or unwanted.