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The heart of Christianit life

God had mercy on us and forgave us although we had offended Him, killed Him and were unfaithful to Him. He did these by sacrificing His own life for us. We can accept His mercy and forgiveness by being merciful (Matthew 9:13) and forgiving (Matthew 18:21-35) to others. On the other hand, if we worship God by our lips and even prophesy and perform miracles in His name (Matthew 7:21-23) but refuse to be merciful and forgiving to others, we will be rejecting His forgiveness and His Kingdom (Matthew 6:14-15). We are called to worship God in the spirit. This means that our life must be in unison with the Spirit of God. We must therefore, cease doing evil (John 3: 19,20); keep away from fornication, adultery, homosexuality and all other forms of impurities (1Cor 6: 9,10); help the needy (Matthew 5:31-40); forgive our offenders of the offenses they committed against us; and be willing to sacrifice our lives in the process of helping our offenders. In marriage, we have to love and forgive our spouse, even if there is unfaithfulness; and are willing to sacrifice our life in the process of helping our spouse. Furthermore, we have to keep the marriage covenant permanent, just as God’s Covenant with us is everlasting. We must also become humble like little children (Matthew 18:2-4) and wipe out hate from our heart. We can do this by contemplating on God’s humility (in becoming a human being) and His sacrificial love for us.