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The Greatest Gift

Hiding behind her mask of broken dreams

Always told that life is not what it seems

She can feel her scars peircing depper than her skin

Tried to fill the holes of her emptiness within

Sitting in the corner; constant flow of tears

Wanted to end her life, rejected by her peers

Asking God for a sign before her life would end

Suddenly the phone rang, could this be a friend?

Not daring to answer the machine began to play

She waited in silence to what this girl had to say...

"I notice you in the corner, the tears are clear to see

You try to blend in, you remind me alot of me

When I was in the 10th grade, I hated my life

I couldn't take the pressure, I couldn't take the strife

I asked God to give me a sign before I went ahead

And I can still hear his voice, this is what He said,

'Thirty-three years I walked upon your land

Touch the blind eyes, healed them with My hand

Was tempted by the devil, felt the deserts scorching heat

Was put upon the cross, nails in my hands and feet

I told the deaf to hear and the lame to walk

I felt the sting of rejection, the power of being mocked

The grave incircled around me Satan laughed with glee

But three days later I had ultimate victory

I heard your cry I bore your pain

Give your life to me I promise you wont be the same'

Put the gun down lay the knife aside

Please pick up the phone stop trying to hide"

She wiped off all the tears gently lifted up the phone

She had her doubts of Jesus she feared the unknow

She talked with person in the other line all through the night

She gave up doubting God surrendured in His hands the fight

Now if you ever meet her you will see the twinkle in her eye

She is saved by grace just minutes before she planned to die
I loved your poem! I know how it feels to have been where you once were. Jesus has made such a difference to my life also!

Let me give you one of my favorite verses in the bible. It is found in 2 peter,
Tell the night and day difference He has made in your life, from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted ( The Message Bible)
God has wonderful things planned for your life! Jeremiah 29 v 11-13
God bless you...keep writing!!!!!!!!
your sister in Christ
BellaRose(Kerrie) xxx
That made me cry! :eek:mg: :embarasse
God Bless you for sharing that.
Touching, really.

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:

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