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The Gospel Parable/Illustration?

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I finished making a new song and I'm happy with it. Now I'd like an animation to go with it.

Do you guys know of any amazing illustrations/concepts of The Gospel simplified?

For example, what The Gospel really is, is it's you eating at a restaurant then you can't pay the bill,
but Jesus steps in and pays it for you with a check. .

But that's a boring story line to animate to, lol. I'd like something epic that will touch your heart,
even if a non believer watches it. Like an interesting story.

Does anyone have any pictures or know of any concepts?

So far I got some scratch ideas. Maybe there's a father and son, and the son wants to go on the other side of the
bridge. But it says "if you come here you will die", but he goes anyway, then someone has to pay for it but the dad dies for the son instead.

Does anyone know any interesting object lesson in life that can help illustrate The Gospel in an interesting way?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
How about a blind man that has been stranded by a wife that no longer wants to help the man through the world in his disability. Strands him on a backwoods road with little traffic, thinking nature will take care of the situation, and that she has sold everything they had and was moving away to start a new life. The man trips, falling and hurting himself, but gets back up and using his cane, follows the road slowly hoping someone will help, but at the same time not trusting people much. He hears running water ahead, some stream he assumes, and the road had ended and it was now just a narrow path. But he thinks, a path usually leads to something, but there was no bridge, just a few larger stones in the water. Without eyes, he would easily fall and possibly drown, as he didnt know how deep it was. Filled with sorrow, he sat down and cried for some time. Then he heard a voice....

Now you can take it from here, the voice is an angel or Jesus who came from across the stream. The man is hesitant to accept help, but....
The gospel is bigger than the story of how God rescues us though. The central idea of the gospel is that Jesus is King. Everything else good in our Christian lives flows from that.

Imagine, what did Jesus say when he was preaching the gospel in Mark 1:14-15? He'd not yet died and been resurrected, and he didn't start talking about that until quite a bit later in his ministry.
VERY NICE FEED BACK EVERYONE! I "forgot" His role as a King. Of course I know He's a King, but I forgot about that aspect about emphasizing that in a story.
Wow, thank you. I could probably have a king in the story, who gets off his throne to sacrifice for someone and dies for a peasant or something.

I like how this thread makes people mediate and think on The Gospel in detail. Thank you Brad. I'm glad you meditated on Jesus for, hmmm, that looks like maybe 1-2 minutes of typing?
What, is that the prodigal son? Can't tell what that parable is about.

Here's the direction I like so far. A king gets off his throne to save someone! I'd like someone being rescued, and the rescuering sacrificing himself.