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The gospel of the heart

Did Jesus or his disciples ever carry around the scriptures, what about the Tora?

If not, then why do you?
Jesus didn't 'have' to carry the Word... because He is the Word.
Still.... to answer your question...

First of all they knew the Torah and indeed most of the old testament.
There are over 200 verses from the old testament repeated in the new testament
by both Jesus and the apostles.

Have you ever considered how many times Jesus said "have you read" or "how does it read" or
"it is written" or "He has said". Have you ever counted how many times Jesus says...
"to fulfill the scriptures" or how many times He references the 10 commandments.

In Luke 24:27; Jesus starts with Moses and goes through all the prophets.

In Matt 8:17; Matt 13:14; and Matt 15:7; Jesus quotes Isaiah.
In Mark 12:26; Jesus quotes Moses.
Jesus reads from the book of Isaiah in Luke 4:17;

Philip runs across an Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:28-32; who is also reading from Isaiah.
Yet it is Philip who explains to the Eunuch what he is reading.

Paul was a Pharisee before he followed Jesus... do you think Pharisee's didn't know the Torah?
Peter, James, Jude, John and Matthew all wrote part of the new testament as well as Paul.
How many times in these books do you think the old testament is quoted?


Did Jesus or his disciples ever carry around the scriptures, what about the Tora?
Interesting question! The Bible doesn't say anything about it but, for sure, they were all under the law. Before Jesus died , I am sure he obeyed the TORA perfectly like no other! I would think, since Jesus was the "word", he probably didn't need one but, I bet someone did and, probably all the Jewish homes he visited did.
Staff Member

Did Jesus or his disciples ever carry around the scriptures, what about the Tora?

If not, then why do you?
because we can,,,

speaking for those who live in un-restricted countries.
There are many in some lands who can not, as you may be aware.
Why can they not?

Once upon a time someone invented a printing press and then others made use of such an invention and worked out how to make use of wood pulp and then others, how to bind pages into books.

As you may be aware, there was a time when the Bible was not all that acceptable in the common mans hands.

Some today memorize Scripture as many over the ages have. Do you?

Thanks be unto the LORD that the Spirit testifies to us of His Word.

One might ask, "Why can we find Bibles in Libraries today?" There was a time that libraries did not exist.

Again, because we can.

Bless you ....><>
Another thing to consider regarding your @humblepie is what the situation was in the natural world in which Jesus and his disciples walked. Many people were unable to read and of those who could, not many could afford to own much less carry around the scriptures which would have been would have been in the form of bulky easily ruined scrolls. There were printing presses and the only way new "books" of any kind were "printed" was by the long tedious process of long hand writing or printing. How long would it take one man write out the Old Testament by hand? So how many completely copies can we suppose were readily available?

So now we have printing presses in the world and even our own printers at home. We have access, in most western countries to relatively inexpensive books of all kinds, including Bible. In my town some of the second-hand stores don't charge for Bibles available. If you want a Bible, simply go into one of those stores and get one.

So then to your question, "why do you"? What has God give us? He has given us time. He has given us a body and a mind. He has given us everything that we have. Why do we use any of the things that He has given us? Why don't we simply kill all of the babies and younger children and then all of us commit suicide?

What is contained in that book, the Bible? Why would we want to have it with us and eventually in us, written on our hearts?

If we have read that Book, we have a idea of what kind of a person Jesus was walking on planet Earth. Would we not really desire to be like him? So then we keep on reading that Book and ever carrying it around with us in book-form or in a small computer-type device so anywhere we are we can eat and drink what God has to offer: the Flesh and Blood of Jesus.

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is." I John 3:2

To become like Jesus, is it not a good idea to carry around the words that speak of him so that we are able to regularly partake so that they will come to Life within us?
Staff Member

may I add a couple of bits?

I overlooked the point that amadeus2 made regarding electronic devices.
Not only one Bible can we carry, but hundreds if we wish, on all the different mobile devices available these days.

There is a Scripture, which I know about because I have read it in the Bible I carry with me,

For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
Romans 15:4

Bless you ....><>