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The Gospel according to Steadfast

Guys! Don't even begin to think I am attempting to write scripture...I am not!

I am, however, witnessing to an athiest! Thus my absence!

The atheist wrote:

And last I think it's nonsense that an evil person who converts to Christ is washed away of his/her sins while a law abiding person who doesn't care about beliefs is cast in hell.

I responded:

WOW, how can such a small question generate such a LONG answer?
I suppose because it is THE ULTIMATE question that has faced humanity thru out all history!

I hope your brain is ready for this Download!

God has always wanted a true friend. God, deeply loves Lucifer… He was God’s boy! His best friend. God liked him so much he made him head and shoulders superior to all other creations. I believe that God eventually gave Lucifer free will so that a perfect love could be born between God and Lucifer and all those angels who would trust in the Lord. But that free will, in Lucifer, turned to arrogance then jealousy and finally rebellion. Lucifer could not handle free choice and Evil was born. What should God do Now? God did not just sit there and let this evil rapidly spread thru heaven! God was not surprised, let me make that perfectly clear, He knows all things and sees all things. As it was 1/3 of heaven had been corrupted by the time God acted. Thus God took Satan and his followers and cast them out into darkness until He could find a final place for them. A place were they could no longer INFECT the remaining ones He loved with this rot called sin.

God then decided to make the universe, and then He made Mankind, and LOOK Satan sees this NEW BEST friend called humanity and sees that God has given them CHOICE as well! Satan is jealous and angry that he is being replaced by such a frail creature and strikes with the only weapon he has that he knows hurts God …sin…

God allowed this to happen as well, so that free will could be born for his new best friends, humanity. By allowing free will to come into existence, the perfect love could now be born between God and all those in humanity that would trust in the Lord. He allowed evil to exist so that free will could be born. Free will gives humanity the choice to understand evil and still reject it, to believe in God or not believe in God. God was not surprised, by this development either! Upset! Oh yes, but not surprised.
All of the angels were directly exposed to the full glory of God! Unlike men, they cannot vacillate back and forth, but rather because they have seen everything to its perfect conclusion. When they turned against God, it was a permanent state. They would not ever desire or be able to repent, their wills being set on evil.
God made us blind to the spiritual world so we could decide if we want to love God or not without being directly influenced by his sheer glorious presence. He wanted us to fall in love with Him for His character! God wants us to love him for WHO He is not WHAT He is. Thus the perfect love that He has been longing for all of His existence is now made possible thru mankind.

All souls are the same to God whether they be man, woman or angelic host. They are all living eternal beings that either love God or not. When God sees each soul at the end of the age and sees Himself being reflected back in love or the image of sin.

He refuses to let sin come back into heaven to poison his loved ones… He must get rid of it or every one he love will become sick! Thus God has made a place called hell. It is both a prison and landfill/grave…

You see SIN is the “Natural Disaster” an “Eternal Plague”!
It is a plague, that blinds us from seeing the truth of God’s love, it also carries with it the overwhelming power of addiction! Sin is so insidious that we Humans are born hooked on it! Like crack babies that crave something they have No idea how to satiate. One must actually grow old enough to understand what it is and then choose to be exposed to it… Thus because it is a choice, it also carries the weight of a crime… Thus God has made a place called hell. It is both a prison and landfill/grave…

Like a life sentence in our worldly prisons, Hell, is a place were God permanently separates out the criminal to protect the innocent population. Like in our worldly Landfills, Hell, is a place were the rot is kept away from the general population so dieses will not spread from it into the population. Like a our worldly grave, hell, is designed to sanitize the living from the corruption of the dead. After all, even though you Love your wife, if she got sick, by handling something corrupt and died; you could not continue to have her staying at you house or in your bed, you would get sick from her rotting flesh and your whole family could die. She must be sent away from the home to save those who remain.

Do you hate the warden for keeping his prison up? Do you hate the trash guy for hauling off your rotting trash? Do you hate the undertaker for burying your loved ones? NO…

You may ask next, “Then why can’t God just cure this horrid disease and be done with it?” He has!

By becoming Jesus, and dieing on the cross, God created the cure for sin. So that we could recover before we die from sin. That pharmaceutical is Jesus. By our choice we became infected with sin, And by our choice we must also take the pharmaceutical of Jesus into our minds, souls and bodies, to be cured of sin…receive back our sight and begin our recovery… This pharmaceutical is free, readily available, and begins to work relief, instantly!

All You have to do is obey John 3:16 and Acts 2:38...

So you may ask what does Jesus’ sacrifice cross have the power to cure sin!

I love this topic! And, I think I can tie in all the other stuff while I answer this.
I will try to keep this short. If you get lost in my quick explanation, I can give you the LONG one… Here goes:

Let me start by saying, Justice demands that sin is paid by death and separation from God. God commanded the Jews to sacrifice an animal to cover there sin. But this was a temporary solution to an eternal problem… Like a spiritual band-aid. True Justice could never be satisfied with some animal's blood as "payment’. Animal blood "purged" (utterly wiped out, gone) nothing due to the fact it is not a human death for a human penalty. Therefore, killing an innocent animal is not "punishing sin"!
Justice could never be satisfied with some animal's blood as "payment" for our imperfection, selfishness, and error.

Again, Justice demands that sin is paid by death and separation from God. For that was the penalty that Satan will pay. And all souls are the same in God’s sight. Thus we are subject to the same penalties.

When we talking about Animal sacrifice we are talking about those under the covenant of Law. (Adam to the thief on the Cross) for Jesus was not yet crucified.

True Justice could never be satisfied with some animal's blood as "payment" for Animal blood "purged" nothing due to the fact it is not a human death for a human penalty. But God had a plan… The Old Testimate saints could push their sin forward in time, 1 year, thru only the blood of a “perfect” animals. The problem was that if time ended and there was not a perfect willing human to take on that sin and pay for that sin the world would parish! For animal just don’t cut it. The Old Testimate saints could thus feel God's forgiveness but they could not feel the remission of sins back then. Thus the righteous Jews KNEW something was missing within their souls, and that they needed a purging of sin, and needed it desperately, for the “Spotless Lamb,” the “Perfect Man,’’ The “Messiah” had not been born.

So, God became the human Jesus. Jesus became THAT perfect soul, Jesus was -God Killable- able to die corporally! Thus, Both statuses of Sinless God and a Sacrificial Lamb was made complete in God/JESUS and became fully realized thru Him! God willingly took on the weight of the final Purging of sin on the Cross. The sin of the world that was rolled forward each year, by animal sacrifice, piled up on God/Jesus; and Jesus also reached forward in time and rolled back the sin of our future and willingly piled it ALL onto His divine shoulders as well! He then Nailed All that sin on the cross and left it there! Thus, The CROSS became the final remission of sin which the Old Testimate saints sacrifice animals towards, prayed for, and knew not.


Moses and the others had to wait for that "remission of sin" We have that "remission of sin" now! We wait not, for we have The perfect sacrifice of the Cross behind us... Thus, when we repent we are forgiven, purged and redeemed, white as snow, thru and thru...without animal sacrifice.

All You have to do to be covered by the ultimate blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ is obey John 3:16 and Acts 2:37-38...

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Acts 2:37-38
37 Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?"
38 Then Peter said to them, "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

That is why an evil person who converts to Christ is washed away of his/her sins while a law abiding person who doesn't care about belief in Jesus is cast in hell.

Now my Brain Hurts!

Thank you Jesus