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The Good Samaritan Pick-Up

The Good Samaritan Pick-Up

Seldom did Mike stop to help stranded motorists, but this time he made an exception. That the stranded motorist was a gorgeous, long-legged redhead had nothing to do with the fact Mike stopped, because when he stopped he was too far away to make out who sat behind the wheel. However, as soon as he spotted the vehicle, he did remember the story of The Good Samaritan.

Only the other night, stranded in a motel room with nothing to do, Mike slid open the desk drawer and spotted a Bible. Having read a Bible as a child, Mike decided to open it and see what it held for him as an adult. Maybe if he had not done so, he would not have stopped today.

But stop he did, and Mike got out to see if he could help. Little did he know his soon-to-be acquaintance could help him, as well.

Got a problem? Mike asked.

If I wasn’t so much in need of help, I would think of a smart answer to such a dumb question, Like, no, I always pull over to the side of the road to see who might stop for me.

I guess it was a dumb question at that. Let me try another one. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

Actually, yes, and now it’s my time to be the dumb one. I ran out of gas.

Doesn’t your gas gauge work?

It does, but my mind was on the great time I had tonight, and I was too rushed earlier to take the time to fill it up.

Would I be too nosy if I asked ‘Great time doing what’? I assume you had a date.

Nothing like that. Tonight was my Bible study night.

Your Bible study night?

That’s right! Every Thursday night. You sound surprised. You do know what a Bible study is, don’t you?

Of course. You just took me by surprise.

I don’t understand.

Yeah, .... and I think I might put my foot in my mouth if I explain.

I like men with dexterity. Go ahead and insert foot.

Only if you don’t get mad.

I promise.

Okay, you just don’t seem the type that would be involved in a Bible study.

And what type is that? the redhead asked.

Someone who can’t find something else to do, Mike replied.

In other words, you think Bible study is for losers? she shot back.

No, I just associate Bible study with homely types, Mike replied.

Have you ever been to a Bible study?

No. Mike replied.

Would you be willing to try one one time to see what you think?

I don’t know. See, I don’t really know a lot about the Bible.

That sounds like a good reason to go to Bible study.

Your husband doesn’t mind you asking other men to go to Bible study?

Are you asking that question to see what my husband thinks or are you trying to find out if I have a husband?

Truth? Mike asked.

Truth, the redhead replied.

Actually, to see if you have a husband.

No ring. No husband. You know how us Bible study types are. Too homely to catch anyone’s eye. Now, are you willing to give a Bible study a try?

I’ll make you a deal. You give dinner a try one night and I’ll give Bible study a try.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll meet you somewhere for dinner.

Deal. And if you run out of gas on the way, I’ll come and pick you up. ++++

Do you ever look for situations where you can be of assistance to someone in need? Do you ever ask God to show you opportunities where you can help others? Who knows? God may end up blessing you in the process.

Copyright 2001 Steve Demaree

To God Be The Glory!

Steve Demaree
1608 Summerhill Drive
Lexington, KY 40515
(606) 271-2416
[email protected]
Submitted by Richard

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