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The Glory Of God

How can we surround our selves in the glory of GOD?
there are so many different scriptures in the bible about GODS glory. one of my favorite is in exodus chapters 33 and 34, the conversation between moses and GOD. Moses asked god to show him his glory and GOD answered him i will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you,he also told him you can not see my face for no one may see me and live.
but GOD wanted to give moses the desire of his heart so he placed him in a cleft in the rock and covered him with his hand until he passed by then lifted his hand so moses could see the back of him. now that is really awesome can i tell you this GOD places his hand over us when ever we are in danger , he keeps us safe and covers us with his glory, when your in stress thank GOD for his glory give him the praise he will honor u with his presence,he will give us a refreshed spirit and fill us with his peace. from experiances in my own life it was when i laid down those burdens and stood still and praised him they were lifted off of me and yes victory through jesus came not to far behind. your friend, foreverwjesus