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The Gentile Bride

I find it interesting that even though Jews were only suppose to marry other Jews (at least in the OT)
many heros of the Bible married non-Jewish women.

Moses was married to a Cushite.
Boaz (who is often pictured as kinsman redeemer image of Christ) married Ruth who was a Moabite.
Solomon was married to a Shulamite (African) woman who was "the one true love of his heart".
There are a few others...

I find it interesting that most of the Bride of Jesus will be Gentiles.
Staff Member

Good observation @B-A-C

There are some quite challenging Scripture facts that don't seem on the level to mortal mind.

Bless you ....><>
You can not forget about how the scripture says we are adopted by God thru Christ, this makes us coheirs to Christ God's children.

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