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The gateway to the supernatural realm

First Merry Christmas to you all! I have never spoken of this to any here,but am led this day to share with you some things for you all to consider in your own life,I can only relate to you,what I have found from over 30 years in the Lord,and my hope,is for all of us to better understand where we are,and where we are headed! The supernatural realm is a place where both good and evil dwell in,and what many do not understand is that in this realm is a constant war for your mindset.( 2Cor 10:4-7)

So,first question you must know and believe in, is who is leading you into it? 2. For what purpose? and 3. for what result? Before Jesus came into my life,even I was seeking a realm where i could dwell in,which I alone could control. This already in my mindset was leading me astray!

For of darkness the intent was only for self,and i was walking into this darkness with very high risk, because I was not prepared for what was to come. In dire occult bondage for some 6 years,from age 15-22 I like most here had a poor home life,and was looking to make a home for myself,to protect myself from others,and to build very high strongholds in my mindset to protect me from the outside world.

At first, I was very proud of that fact that this gateway which I found had been what i was always looking for. What I choose not to believe was,that self, cannot find a gateway by self,that is the lie!( John 10:10) The enemy uses ones self righteousness to first rob from them there mindset,and then lie about how that was done!( John 8:44)

Upon my fifth year in this gateway,i stayed longer and became more depressed much more often,I figured this was because the flesh was getting use to the fact that I had become so much different then other people,and must more superior to them! Again my choice to believe such a lie!

Darkness has no landing place to it,one is looking for the bottom,but never hits it,it is my brothers and sisters a free fall into something which has no rope,no ladder,no end! However darkness does express itself as becoming even more dark! We think of darkness as night time,with some light upon the earth at all times,and would think this true in the gateway,but you would be wrong.

At first darkness does have a little light to it,and the only reason to have light at the beginning is because the star of the morning is weakening your spirit slow, and very painfully!( Isaiah 14:12-17!!) The gateway he is leading you to,is where he himself lives in! Deception has the light of becoming possible to it,hence why we are going in the first place! And from our own pride,and knowledge we grasp at anything on the way down to break this fall,at first it is a cool fall,free flowing, gentle,like a ride on some unknown country road, but we become very tired of this early,and look to stop but it is already to late!!( Eph 4:27!!) which leads to a severe consequence!!( Col 3:25)

It is at this time fear grips our mindset,a fear that is indeed everlasting!! And the final chapter in our free fall,( mark 5:1-5!!) We who were looking to take control, have now been controlled! this was I at age 22! ( mark 5:19-20) My mom and brother after my 2 tours in Vietnam could no longer stand to even be around me,and with very good reason!! Now the good part! After roaming, a person picked me up on the highway and drove me to Williamburg Kentucky,there a place called Cumberland college dwelt,and as i had 2 weeks before school started, I thought what the heck,nothing better to do at the moment!

I was roomed with a person by the name of Darrel Wilson who became my roommate,ah no one else even wanted to be around me,i was very loud and very mean to everyone, including my roommate because he said he was a believer in Jesus Christ! So i looked to make his life a living hell, hoping he would move out leaving me alone by myself in my dorm room!! LOL BUT NO!!! He got up every morning at 6am, to read his bible and pray for some 3 hours before going to his first class,he also called me his brother,which really upset me!

I am not your sorry brother!! I am, what you are to me NOTHING!! So keep Jesus and yourself away from me! he just laughed at me and said have a nice day!! Burned me up even more! Along and about the 4th month of this,at around 11:30 pm and knock came upon the door of our dorm room,i was pretending to be asleep,I mean you know I am not going to answer the door!! LOL Woody( ah that is what everyone called him, he was a junior in college and very well respected by all there!) Answered the door and said yes?

The person came into the room,and said oh dear brother, i have gone and sprained my arm,and I am suppose to pitch in a very important baseball game tomorrow would you pray for me? I chucked to myself beneath the sheets. Sure brother I will pray for you,the Lord told me 2 hours ago you would be here.( What gateway is he on i thought???) So they prayed,and after about 4 min or so, i heard a very loud snap!! PRAISE JESUS BROTHER!!!! PRAISE JESUS!! he shouted,the Lord has touched me and I am better now!! ( Ah I am awake now!!)

HEY!!!! Knock it off i am looking to get some sleep here,take your Jesus and get the humm out of here! They left jumping, and skipping and praising the Lord! YIKES!!! Well the next day I took off of my afternoon class because i was going to see if this guy was for real and pitched! YEP!! he was there!! On the mound!! and they won the game 3-0! Well i was going to stuff myself with some food, but was not very hungry after that! I became very perplexed! Time about 6pm,i went into the dorm room,and froze! There was no one in the room,but I knew someone was in the room! There was this great power which filled the room,and for no reason whatsoever i began to cry!! ME!!! CRY????? What is going on?

A door opened, oh god it is Woody i cannot let him see me like this!! I ran out of the dorm room into a mop closet,across from the room,closed the door put the pail upside down and was crying, so bad i had to put both hands over my mouth! Then a light came into the mop closet,and from the light came these words! i mean excatly these words!( Luke 15:31-32) After hearing these words I fell forward hitting my head on the door,which opened to find Woody there smiling big and saying i have been praying for you brother! Time now about 8pm, his pastor was also in wait in the dorm room,I told him i have to have what you have Woody!!

I repented of my occult bondage,but prayed backwards?? I mean I could not pray forwards?? The pastor full of Holy Spirit said there is an evil Spirit inside of this man! ( evil spirit??) i was about to ask about this when i left my body! I could see them commanding a demon to leave,but i was over them,at the very same time, a gateway of what I call paradise was opened,where i was kneeling was a place not in heaven,but rather just outside the gates! Before me was large rock with ash coming up, and fire and a smoke which smelt just aweful!

The smoke was coming towards me! As it drew near to me, Jesus opened the gates of heaven,he was moving towards the smoke,he was not walking, more like gliding! His eyes were red like fire towards the smoke,he did not look at me, but rather was fixed up that which was coming towards me. he raised his right hand over the smoke,and I found myself in bed, being tended to my woody and the pastor! i was delivered! ( Psalm 40:1-4!!!)

Sorry all, a bit longer then i had planned!! Final point! In Christ Jesus as i truly am,and he in me, I have something now i had been looking in a gateway all my life,but found it not in a gateway but rather in a man who is our gateway!!(John 14:1-7) ( Rom 5:1-11) Much more i could say,but this Christmas is not about gifts,but rather in the giver of those gifts!!( Acts 20:35!!) This is for someone out there,for i write only in the leading of Holy Spirit( Rom 8:14-15) and in HIS purpose!! God bless you all!

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