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The gardening thread

Lets talk about our gardens!
What's growing in yours? What are your current projects?.

I was given some loquat plants yesterday, said I would take them to plant in the community garden but if we dont have room may need to give them away again as we already have one in the backyard (not fruiting yet). Does anyone have one and is the fruit nice? How do you get good fruit from trees, any tips?

In the bible it does say manure it for a year.. if it doesnt fruit, cut it down!

Luke 13:8
Staff Member
No idea on the loquat plant at least until you mentioned it here! :)
Being in a bit of a northern climate where I live. It makes it difficult with the fruity trees at least for one such as I whose thumb is as a girl I work with says "more grey than green".

I grow the occasional tomato, cucumber plants, blessed with a growing raspberry bush (2nd year) and will be adding squash, blueberries, and a fig plant this year. As far as ability goes...............I have more desire than aptitude when it comes to growing! :)

You'll have to let us know how the fruit of the loquat plant tastes!
May you be blessed with great bounty from God's table sister!

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
I was reading a book on plants for medicine and one interesting titbit I found was it was believed (not sure if it is actually true or not) that the tree that gave the wood that the cross Jesus was crucified on was an elder tree.

Do elder trees grow in Israel? Elder trees have elderberries, and I think they grow in colder climates. However Ive never tasted an elderberry either. There's all sorts of fruit I havent tried...
Where I live is kind of temperate, sub tropical, we get frosts but no winter snows.

At the moment we have feijoas, I have two trees. I also recently transplanted a blackcurrant bush to a better spot. If you are blessed with a bit of land, may your backyard be fruitful!
Hi Lanolin,
Growing up we had a mulberry tree and those are very good, both purple and red.

Elderberries are very simular to the blackberry and mulberry in taste I think. I have had them in pies and from what I remeber, they taste about the same.

Keep us posted on your loquat!
Now I am going to Google loquat because I have no idea what that is.
Wow I had no idea they were native to the cooler hill region of China.
After reading the following, I want one!

Succulent, tangy yet sweet, wonderfully delicious loquat fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. ... Some of the common names of loquat include Japanese plum, Japanese medlar, Maltese plum, etc. ... Loquat fruits begin appearing in the trees by the end of winter season.

As always Lanolin,
Blessings unto you
Am going to check my tree today for any signs of fruit, sometimes you have to wait and sometimes you have seasons where there isnt any..but will wait till Spring to load them up with sheep pellets my fertiliser of choice. I dont have sheep, but you can buy sheep pellets already bagged..I dont know what the process is for obtaining this though! I kind of picture a giant pooper scooper vacuum going after the sheep in the fields and then It being turned into pellets.

I do have a chicken though and she can free range and manure anywhere she likes except I dont take kindly to her digging up my plants that I've just planted!!!
Hmm no fruit yet.

Today am measuring up raised beds as been offered timber by the hardware store for our community garden. Praise the Lord! We dont need to fundraise after all.
I had this idea the other day instead of using petrol lawnmowers how about we just hire some sheep to eat the grass and at the same time fertilise the lawns for us. We could start a rent a sheep company for the suburbs.

Then I could have my weekends in peace listening to the sound of happy munching sheep instead of noisy lawnmowers.
Good news will soon be gardening full time as got a job! Thank you Lord.

Its kind of weird cos usually you not meant to take His Word so literally...but if He wants more labourers for His harvest well..look thats what Ruth did.

I mean what other work were Adam and Eve told to do.
Even Jesus was mistaken for a gardener the very next day after his resurrection. Mary didnt say oh excuse me carpenter guy do you know where anyone hid Jesus body?
Planning potatoes this month.

Need...straw, manure, newspapers.

And faith for a hundred fold crop...
Spring is here!
Got visions for our church garden..please no lawn am sick of mowing lawns.

I plan to plant
Olive trees
Bird of paradise
Breath of heaven

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