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The Fleeting Sunrise

Staff Member
The Fleeting Sunrise - October 06, 2005

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

As the freshness of the morning air started to seep through my window and the faint chirp of a cardinal broadcasted the morning hue of dawn, I awoke and was excited that I was not too late to witness the glories of a new day.

I waited for the darkness to wane and the watched the stars as they disappeared into the sky above. I could tell that this morning would be a spectacular sunrise. The weather conditions were perfect: a cool overnight temperature and just a few wispy clouds here and there. I knew it was going to be great!

I fixed my eyes on the horizon, waiting, anticipating the glorious colors that would appear. Finally, in the distance, there were amazing rose, pink and orange tints dancing within the clouds, mixed with the serenity of a pastel blue sky. How wonderful to see the sunrise and witness the vibrant and bold canvas set before me.

At that moment it realized this was too good to waste. I had to find my camera and take a picture of the scene; I was certain it would be worthwhile! So, instead of just sitting and watching this glory unfold before me, I ran around my house searching high and low for the camera. I looked everywhere so I could capture this perfect moment on film! I was rummaging through papers and in drawers searching for the elusive camera. I finally found it and raced back to the bedroom window where the amazing sunrise was entering through. I turned the camera on, focused it and was ready to take the shot.

But, when I positioned myself to take that perfect picture, I realized in just those few minutes spent wasting time searching for the camera, the sky had changed from the brilliant colors of orange, pink and fuchsia to a dull gray, dotted with a few streaks of pale, yellow-tinged clouds. What an opportunity I missed.

I was reminded of how God sometimes places us in immediate service to Him and how He expects us to just go and obey. He will choose an exact moment for us to minister, pray, listen or speak boldly the Gospel. Maybe He'll ask us to reach out and lend a hand to someone who is downcast and lost or to stand up for our faith at a very difficult time.

We need to rely on God for the courage He will fully give and for His words and timing. We are to accept nothing in return except the knowledge that it glorifies Him.

I know there will be other "serve-him sunrises" to be a part of and some will be more spectacular that others. Be assured that God will call upon you time and time again and reward you for your obedience in serving Him when He appoints. Then, you'll know and witness the power of the Holy Spirit as you surrender to that moment and do it God's way!

Contributed by Diane Check

yes chad this states how the time is precious in Lord, yes when ever he calls us we will be in search of some thing and looses the oportunity. I think we should always be aware of his calling toward us