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The Flame

The Flame

From a single spark
can change part of something
to new and the spark
will continue to grow
and it turns into a flame and
it burns everything it touches

The Fire in our hearts
starts as a spark and
leads to a flame but
it burns the need and the
desire into our hearts
to complete or do something
passionately for something
or someone we love

God put a spark in every man
and womans heart so that
so that hopefully they will
have a need or desire to
be close to him and do
the work he has called them
to do.

Most people make the spark into a eternnal
flame that couldn't be put out while others still
have the spark or no spark at all and they are
searching for someone to give them the desire
and the need or just someone to love
them and lead them where they need to be

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