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The First Time i fell off my Cycle...

My daughter (Proverbs 15) fell off her bicycle yesterday for the first time (aww)

after the shock and comfort we examined the wound (come on we all do this) i am glad she fell, it had to happen sooner or later and i'm so glad it was not serious.

This inspired me to begin this thread

I can remember the first time i fell of my push bike

I was turning left into a side road, it was wet! (and dark i might add) i was 17 and as i turned i smacked straight into a car bonnet!
The car was stationary and the driver stunned as he had just parked and switched off the engine...poor man!...and here i come and slam straight into his front and the bike tips up and there i go over his bonnet and land on his windscreen, face towards him!

I can remember his face...all he kept saying was 'i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry'..lol he had nothing to do with it, he was stationary. I had a huge bruise on my hip to show for my efforts LOL

a magnificent first accident story i think

I hope my daughter posts hers

There must be some corkers out there...let's hear them!
We used to jump off of our bikes on purpose! We would get going as fast as we could, stand on the seat, jump, hit the grass and roll just to watch our bikes ghost ride down the street. BOYS!
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The first time my father took me to get my first two wheel bike I balled my eyes out for some reason, was scared :) Hey, I was only about 5 or 6 years old.

As for falling, I still do. But Christ brings me back up ;) (I know you meant falling literally off a bike anyway)
The first time I fell off a bike. (ok this is not a funny one - but I will think twice before going somewhere when you not supposed too)

It was my elder brother's bike that he just got for Christmas. It was a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer 2 days before school starts in January month. I thought to myself "I am going to grade 6 and I am 10 years old - I am a big girl now".

I took my brother's bike whilst my mom went for an afternoon nap and my dad and my 3 brothers went to the farm to go buy milk and eggs for the week. I was riding like a maniac lol - freedom at last on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Worst was I was not supposed to be there so I was riding fast and counting the minutes to be home before dad gets home.

Well I fell and landed under a car.

I ended up in emergency with a gaping wound on my left arm open to the bone.

Got zig zagged up inside and got over 30 stitches. I can be real glad that I did not break any bones at all.

But to be honest I am just glad that nothing serious happened. The car bumped me in the stationary position and I was unconcious for a minute or two. The car actually reversed into the bike and me then landing under it.

I were not only disobedient by leaving the house without telling, then I had to go off somewhere where I know I am not allowed to go at all.

Well lol I couldn't wait to get back on a bike again, but it took me 3 years to convince my parents to get me a bike. At least I got one again.

Well today I can laugh about it as I recall the funny ways I acted that day. But even more I feel blessed that I was protected as it could have been so much worse.
I would rebuke the pain on the street if one of my kids fell and had a minor bump and cried about pain. I hate pain.
I had a huge bike where you could put the kids in. Once I fell w that thing. My son fell on his head. He was so mad. Mom how can you be so dumb? Lol I thought: oh it's not that bad then. He got no problems from it. My knee was open cause I tried to catch the whole bunch, but that didn't matter. The youngest one was 3 when he fell out of it on his head. He said: I don't like to somersault. There was nothing the matter. I expected him to have head injury.


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