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The Fine Print

Staff Member
The Fine Print - January 31, 2006

"Have faith in God... believe... and when you stand praying... " Mark 11:24-25
There it was, at the very bottom of the document, in noticably smaller size print: the disclaimer. Have you ever noticed these sections at the end of a contract or agreement? I'm reminded of the saying, "Read the fine print before signing on the dotted line."

That little part stuck on at the end might sometimes be called "the catch". When things seem too good to be true, they usually are. We tend to ask, "What's the catch?"

There is an amazing promise in the bible that might sound too good to be true. About a week before Jesus was killed and came back to life, He was talking with His close friends. He said that if you believe, you can have anything you ask for in prayer. (Mark 11:24)

Could it be that easy? Perhaps the very next sentence is the fine print. Practically in the same breath, Jesus continues, essentially saying that we have to forgive anyone we hold a grudge against first. That could even be ourselves.

The fine print of forgiveness is a key to unlocking and releasing God's promises. Yes, it's always good ro read the fine print.

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy
Forgiveness can be a hard thing ! I find it so much easier to forgive others than myself.. I actually was just talking about this yesterday with a friend.