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The final test

A veterinary student at University was preparing for his final exam. After staying up all night to revise his notes and to look through his books, he finally went to bed to catch a few precious minutes of sleep. An hour later, the student entered the classroom and noticed a table with 10 stuffed birds with paper bags hiding each one, except for their legs.
The University professor made his entrance and explained to the class that the final exam would consist of naming all ten birds (common names and scientific names)just by looking at their legs.

Well, . . . the student lost it! He stood up and told the professor that he didn't stay up all night studying for nothing. He told the professor that his test was a stupid test. Then he took his papers and pencil and threw them on the floor in protest.

The professor looked at him and said, "Young man . . . what's your name?"
The student lifted his pant legs as high as he could and said, "You guess professor, . . . you guess!"