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The Final Prayer for hope

They ask me how I'm gone show the truth, I'm gone rhyme to influence the youth, no ticket to purchase from the rhyming booth. Just pull the roots over ya head and act like you heard the truth. If you need proof of my sayings, get on your knees and start praying, like its your last saying, ya last day for promise, ya lastday for crying, all ya misery turned into a blizzard of chivalry, they keep pressing me , freely killing me to stress, that sinning is like wearing a criminals dress, you guilty, but hold the duress, we all held lying hands, the great supplantar, foiling like a dark lantern, surrounded by light fanthoms, better known as you angels, helping us to engagem, all yall are major playas, for we are all soldiers, some don't know it, some choose not to show it but from this poem i pray that you will begin to grow from it. Satan is after us and those who press me are you, your spiritsare dressed in lies speech stressed brings new light ro a dark day. You can live as you may but remember your spirit is the powerful good in you to whom I pray.
Luke 18:13
"He would not even look up to Heaven, but beat his breast and said, 'God have mercy on me, a sinner.' "