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The Father Delights in Caring for You

Staff Member
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need. "So don't be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:31-32

Today is Father’s Day, and a good time to remember that God is your Father.

God’s joy is to share His kingdom with you, but it’s hard for you receive it if you’re running about in pursuit of your own goals and needs. Your mind will be filled with worries about your expenses and future plans, and you may worry about having enough. There are so many things to fear, from your family’s safety to your own financial stability.

It’s easy to convince yourself that your pursuit of job security or prosperity is noble and shows your care for your family, but along the way you can lose sight of your priorities, especially experiencing God’s delight over you as a generous Father.

Today is a good day to ask yourself if you’re worried or fearful about the future. Do you feel distant from God and the loving care of His kingdom? What would it look like to seek first God and His kingdom? Do you believe that His fatherly love extends to you as well?

Perhaps you can share God’s kindness with others or see His goodness in your own father when you see God’s fatherly love for you with greater clarity.

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