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The Father and His Three Boys

The Father and His Three Boys

There was once a single man who had 3 sons. He was a fantastic dad. He would work hard to raise enough money to make ends meet but not too many hours because he was determined to spend time with his boys. He sacrificed many great work opportunities that would demand more of his effort, so he could pour all his energy into the lives of his sons. He lived a modest life, but counted himself rich because his boys love him back with a perfect love.

One day the man bought some soft drinks for himself and his boys and when he removed the cap on his and read it, it clearly said “You have won a hundred thousand dollar shopping spree!” He called the soft drink company and found out that it was true. He was to go to the Everything Under the Sun Super Store and in one shopping trip, for 3 hour before the store opened, he could buy anything he wanted for up to a hundred thousand dollars!

He told his Boys and on the appointed day they got up early and all went to the store together. They were met by a news crew, some moving trucks and a huge party in the parking lot of the mammoth store. After much ceremony, interviewing and picture taking, he and his boys set off toward the front sliding doors of the Everything Under the Sun Super Store!

An official of the Soft drink company stopped them and said that the father pulled the cap and according to the rules of the contest, only he could legally go on the hundred thousand dollar shopping spree. And, there can be no returns on the items he picked out. Rules are rules so he turned to his son’s and asked them what they wanted.

The oldest son looked lovingly into his father’s eyes and said, “Dad, I am not worthy of a gift from you, you have done so much for us already. Forget about me. Go spend it on yourself”. They hugged and wept. The father knew the skinny, 14 year old, boy had a fantastic ability to figure out how things worked and asked if he could give him something he could learn with. But the boy meekly looked away and when the father knew the boy meant what he said he turned to his middle son.

He asked his very energy filled, naturally athletic, 12 year old, son what he wanted. The boy shook with anticipation for he always desired only one thing and new he would never have another chance to get it with there modest income and said, “I want a Red Super Stunt Rally Solid Sterling Silver Bicycle! Not blue, not green and if you get me any thing else I wont take it… Don’t even try.” His father chuckled, for his boy sure knew what he wanted. He worried if the Bicycle was safe, but was determined to take a look at it.

He turned to the youngest son who was 11, very out going, and creative and asked him what he wanted, The boy thought for a moment and then beamed at his father with a huge smile and said, “I will be happy with anything you get me, because I trust you Dad! I know that you will pick out the perfect thing that is right for me. If you want to buy me a ten-cent spinning top, It will be ‘The Greatest’ because YOU got it for me! There is nothing in that store that I would not like and not want from you. In fact, if you want to buy me the whole store, then I would be happy to take that too, but I don’t expect you to buy the whole place for me. Just remember, that no matter what, or how much, you choose to give me, I will be happy with it.” He ruffled his son's hair and walked into the store.

Three hours past and the three boys smiled as their super dad walked out of the store fallowed by 30 employees dragging merchandise behind them on large loading pallets.

The father walked up to the youngest and said “You know we don’t make much money and that this was a chance we will probably never have again, so the gift I give you has to be enough to last the rest of your life. You have always had a fantastic talent with your drawings; so, I bought every art supply for every fine art media imaginable from those two marble blocks, to those huge oak logs thru yards of canvas and oil paint and finally enough drawing tools to last you for many years…Please take care of it all, for it is my best for you. Oh, and here is the ten-cent top you mentioned as well!” The boys eyes nearly popped out of his head, as he staggered over to the ten full pallets that were his. All he could say was “I love you dad!”

The father walked up to his strong looking middle son and said “You know we don’t make much money and that this was a chance we will probably never have again, so the gift I give you has to be enough to last the rest of your life. You have always been an energetic boy with a strong talent in athletics so I bought you every piece of sporting equipment for every major sport in America, in all the sizes available so you could pick out and play your favorite sport no matter how tall you grow. Please take care of it all, for it is my best for you. And, yes here is the Red Bicycle you wanted so badly.” The boy blinked and told him “Dad you know I love you...But, you should know I’m not ready for all this junk! It is nice, but I told you all I wanted was the bike. Take all this back I don’t want this gift…Thanks for the bike.” He kissed his dad, rode his bike over to the car and started heaving it into the trunk. His dad stood there hurt, annoyed and in utter shock.

The father blinked and then walked up to his gentle oldest son and said “You know we don’t make much money and that this was a chance we will probably never have again, so the gift I give you has to be enough to last the rest of your life. You have always loved to read and have a fantastic talent for math and science so I bought you every math and science textbook covering chemistry, medicine and hard science for every level of learning up to and thru college level. You also have a state of the art microscope and over 20 chemistry and biological research kits. Please take care of it all, for it is my best for you. His oldest son looked at him with the most perplexed and fearful expression his father had ever seen and said, “I love you dad…But did you not hear me when I said I not worthy of this and I didn’t want any thing! Why didn’t you spend the money on yourself like I requested? Why did you squander this chance on us? I can’t accept this. I’m not smart enough for this. I must earn my own way. Take it all back Dad and get some furniture for yourself or something.” He kissed his father on the cheek and walked to the car and after helping his brother with the bike sat staring in the front seat. His father was deeply grieved. For because of his son’s personal doubt and fear of success he had wasted all that his father wanted to give to him.

The boy’s father walked over to his youngest son in a trance. The youngest was lounging in his new artist’s chair drawing a wonderful rendition of his dad standing there, with his jaw hanging open, in shock…his father blustered and finally said “That’s a nice picture... What do you think we should do with all this stuff? I can’t believe it but, your brothers don’t want it and I cant take it back…” The boy put down his new sketch pad and thought for a minute, bouncing his new sketching pencil on his chin and said “Maybe you should give it to a charity or maybe we can sell it….. But dad? If you still want to give it to one of your sons…I’ll be MORE then happy to take it and use it and take care of it for you. After all, I am ready to get the whole store!” He laughed and then kissed his dad and said “It is up to you, Dad…. Hey could you guys load up my art stuff…Thanks” and his youngest boy then skipped happily to the car and jumped into the back seat.

Load it all up said the father, my youngest boy will have it all!

Years past, The oldest boy grew up and started his own business repairing small motors. He worked hard and loved his pretty wife and 3 kids. He died on a Saturday surrounded by his family. He died a happy man but wondered if there was more that he could have done with his life.

The middle son strove to get every thing he wanted. He became a broker dealer for a bank. He got rich, then broke and then finally finished even. He was married several times and fathered 8 children, although he wondered what had become of over half of them. He finally got his life together and then died of a heart attack at a baseball game, surrounded by one beloved son and a group of strangers. His last thought was wondering if there was more that he could have done with his life.

The youngest son went to the Olympics at the age of 23 and won 2 gold medals in track and a silver in javelin throwing. He later finished his doctorate in drug research medicine and found a cure, thru gene therapy, for many genetic deformities and diseases that plagued the lives of millions before they were even born. He won the Noble Prize of Medicine for that. Later in life he returned to his first love, Art, and created an amazing variety of paintings based off of his studies in chaos theory. His art sold for millions at Tiffany’s and he toured the great museums and art colleges of the world teaching the youth of the world how to release their talents and ambition in a positive ways. He married late but she was the passion of his life. He had one daughter who married for love and lived in Ohio with her farmer husband. They gave him many beautiful grand children that he spent the rest of his very old life, playing with and spoiling. He died with No regrets.

When will you worship Jesus and let God give you the Spiritual Gifts that will take you out of your comfort zone and into the Field of Lost Souls. There is so much more for you in the Spirit then you ever dreamt possible... The fields are white and ready for harvest… Reach out! Ask Jesus for more, be willing to take it all… Dare to be gifted in the Kingdom of Heaven...
Those who have ears let them hear!