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The family man

A man walks into a bar and orders three beers.He then walks off into a corner and starts to drink from each bottle.The bartender sees this and in confusion asks the man the reasoning for this thing.The man replies because before my brothers moved away .We would go every weekend and have a cold beer together.Then they moved and we said we would keep the tradition alive.So the bartender thought the tradition was fine and left him to his drinking.A week later the same man comes to the same bar. Walks in and orders two beers instead of three.The bartender says not to intrude on your grief but i am sorry for your loss.The man drinking looks puzzled and remembers their conversation. He replies oh no its not that my wife and i have joined a baptist church so i had to stop drinking. It didn't affect my brothers though. :shade: (hehehe enjoy) god bless all in jesus name:AMEN
Staff Member
Interesting. I like how the "my wife and I" was one (one in flesh) counted out of the drinking :)