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The Fall Of Man (long)

I spilled out of the eye
Of the One that created me,
Trickling down His cheek
Wondering why He let me be.
His sobs tore ravenously at my heart
I asked, “What have I done for this?”
He answered with a flick of His hand
And sent me into the abyss.
With the falling of time
I saw the others –
The disappointments, the failures,
All my past brothers.
The book, the word, the house,
All I had valued so much
Had now turned cold and false
Because of my ignorant touch.
We tenaciously battled the fall
Aimlessly with all of our might.
Our poor hands clawed the air
And our eyes were now full of fright.
The end came upon us all
Like a thief in the dark - so fast.
Their lame convoys now shattered
I fear my siblings won’t last.
Surviving the fall I stood to see
All my brothers now gone.
Then I heard an agonizing moan
“Dear God! What’s going on?”
Free from my fluid escort
I looked to the curious land,
I stand on metal – a nail!
That I had driven through a hand.
Quickly I leapt off the rusted beast
Its metal head level with my eyes.
The blood around me pleaded for help
Not even I could ignore its cries.
I wrapped my arms around its huge waist
I began digging my fingers in,
I pulled and cried as it tore my hands
I knew I was too small to win.
Blood dripping from my fingertips
And pain I could hardly bear,
My heart began to sink
As I felt a familiar tear.
The earth began to quake
And off the mast I fell,
As the beam lifted up
He broke the chains of Hell.
His red hands were trembling
Blood formed at His feet,
His back was sore and aching
From where I had Him beat.
The number of His open wounds
Matched that of my cruel jeers,
I was the cause of all His pain
Still I used His cleansing tears.
My guilt had caught up with me
At such an awful sight,
But in my empty darkness
There shined a brilliant light.
I believed my nightmare
To be at last coming to an end,
When things came from the light -
Warriors He would never send.
The spirits frightened me
And made me want to run,
But my legs would not budge
As if they weighed a ton.
They said my name sharply
Freeing me from my daze,
I slowly moved upward
‘Til my eyes met His gaze.
“What the hell is all this?” I thought
As I fought to set myself free.
I tried my best to turn away
But they made sure that I could see.
I peered into His eyes
Saw the innocence in His soul,
I knew He saw my sins
That evil had been in control.
What had happened next
Scared me the most of all,
More than the spirits,
Even more than the fall.
Moving like a slaved puppet
My unwilling hand began to raise,
It rested on His chest – His heart
That had saved my soul so many days.
I felt the beat struggle,
His life in obvious harm,
Yet His eyes remained calm
And seemed to feel no alarm.
“Take me instead! Save yourself!” I begged.
“People aren’t worthy of You,”
In reply, He then said, “Forgive them Father,
For they know not what they do.”
His heart then surrendered
The struggle would last no more,
And with the clash of thunder
A fierce rain began to pour.
Tears streamed down my face
As His eyes slowly faded,
“Don’t give up!” I yelled
But my words never traded.
I closed my eyes and clenched my fists
Turning to find the beings –
“Angels” if you will,
But all that was left was the darkness of my room
And a silence that will never be still.