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The Faithful Couple

(I just wrote this poem this morning!! It came to me like most of the poems do. I have an idea that comes from God and I just start writing and the rest comes! ENJOY!! :) Praise God for His ever presence and help!)

Down the hall and to the left
lives the couple no one likes.
They play loud Christian music
and go to the church on the corner.

The woman takes food to elderly people,
visiting with them for awhile.
The man hands out Bible to people that pass by,
knowing full well he could get arrested.

But to those that know them personally,
God is number one in their book.
The couple prays and sings praises,
lifting up Jesus’ name.

One day, as the woman visits and the man hands out Bibles,
Jesus comes on clouds of glory to take them home.
Those that were left, look up
and see their faces shine with a glow.
Jen: I like this thought...What a wonderful, sweet and precious thought. When I read it, I could visualize the couple.