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Job 14:14
14 If death takes a man, will he come to life again? All the days of my trouble I would be waiting, till the time came for me to be free.
Troubles and challenges are not to last for a life time they are irresistable channels of life that every living soul must pass through .As we pass through our individual challenges we must bear in our mind the following 1 the commencement time 2 the waiting time 3 the appointed time
The bible says if you faint in the days of adversity your strength is small.The days of adversity are the inevitable days of challenges and problems that every living soul must pass through. The problem lies not in the challenges we face but how we react to them and our reaction is driven by the strength in us. It is not symbolic of our individual effort but of God's backing.Our individual strength lacks the capacity to prevail over life challenges .Human life is bombarded with infinite numbers of challenges as you scale through one you start another the starting time is the commencement time
Between the emergence of challenges and divine intervention is the waiting time.This period opens up our faith to test .This test is working out our glory at the end.Waiting is not sitting down to merely look at the problem or to accept the pity of the pity parties.waiting is knowing the relevant word concerning the challenge,believing in the word concerning the challenge and holding on onto God's word no matter how long it takes God to do it.God's business is to perform his word your business is to believe him.A lot people miss out at this stage because they are easily led astrayed by their present conditions which are pictures painted by the devil to swindle them of their blessing.Nobody waits on God and is disappointed at the end .God that promise is capable of fufilling it.
The appointed time is the time of change.Every change is driven or engineered by a personality.God is the game changer.He has all it takes to turn things around.He is exclusively in charge .he determines the time,designs favourable events and circumstances and enforces his predesigned plan.the appointed time is the expiry date for that problem or challenge
Staff Member

thank you for sharing this.

I am reminded of Joseph who was sold by his brothers and endured. At the appointed time everything changed and none of it was without the Lord in full control.
All the points you have made are well worth remembering.

Bless you ....><>