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The Dwelling Place

Staff Member
The Dwelling Place

Exodus 26:1 Decorate the sheets with blue, purple and scarlet yarn.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, (Exodus 26-29)we are told how God gave His instructions to the Israelites concerning the construction of the Tabernacle, and the clothing for the priests. He gave specific commands for this endeavor. God spared no beauty, time or workmanship on His special dwelling place. He called for the finest linen, decorated with color and embroidered with cherubim. A great amount of gold and silver would enhance the beauty of the construction, and gemstones would be set in the priests’ vest. The garments for the priest were called to be “made beautifully, which would lend dignity to the priests’ work.” God then told how He equipped the craftsmen, and “filled them with the Spirit of God” and gave them special skills to do the job at hand.

Today, our bodies are the temple of God. He spared no beauty, time or workmanship on His special dwelling place-us. We have been made in His image, and I believe He wants us to shine for Him- inside and out! Outer clothing standards should conform with those of the priests’ of long ago- giving dignity to our work- going about God’s business. Wearing gold, silver, or jewelry with gemstones does not deter from our mission- spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. He has equipped us, just as He did those early craftsmen with the power of the Holy Spirit and special gifts and skills to use for Him. I am so glad to be reminded that our God enjoys things of beauty - from a spectrum of color to embroidery, to jewels. After all, He painted our world with colors galore, and wove them into our everyday life. Then He offered to place His most precious jewel in our hearts - His only Son - Christ Jesus. What blessings... what wonderful God!