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The Definition Of Storms and Breakthroughs

What is a storm to me? Well, when you least expect it and how terrible it comes trying to tear your house. Your foundation is what keeps your house up. The storm has been strong and ruthless. Tearing through people's house and showing their real strength. Which there was none. Now my house is being tested and is standing, but it was kinda rocky. My storm has been with my mother, finding her dead in the bed on that Wednesday morning. That was the beginning of the Hurricane Katrina in my life. I love my mother and desire her back awakened and ministering the Word. She has been sleeping for five weeks now and while she is sleeping turmoil is in my family's household. The enemy has tried to takeover, but did not conquer. My mother is doing so well now, but pray for my family. Because while my mother is having her breakthrough, my house is trying to catch up. So please pray. To be continue...........
Many will say...sorry for your loss, but the fact is when you know where your loved ones have gone you have not lost them. Sure, there is an emptiness and a sadness for ourselves, but those gone on are better off than we are. When death comes...sudden, unexpected, or expected, we grieve for ourselves. We can look back on all the good times, talks, walks, hugs, and kisses and thank the Lord for them. We can draw strength from our brothers and sisters in Christ, but most of all from the precious Word of God. Through the word, peace comes to our hearts and the void is filled with God's grace in our time of need...comfort comes and we await the joy of meeting again.