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the date/time on the shoutbox

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by littlesheep, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I don't know why but the day on the shoutbox next to the messages always says 5 days or 6 days now - but when I used to come on before it would say the number of minutes ago that a message was put up. Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened? Is there something that I need to change?
  2. Greetings @lilyofthevalley

    I don't have an answer for you but will direct the message to brother @Chad who knows all the administration stuff
    (Thank you Chad:wink:)

    I do remember this used to happen to me when I used Internet Explorer.
    But many minor problems went when I changed to Google Chrome which I believe is on of the better/optimal browsers to use on Talk Jesus

    Bless you
  3. @lilyofthevalley

    It works fine here. Shows minutes, hours and days for older posts.
  4. do you think it will work if I change to Google Chrome as suggested by Fragrant Grace? It just seems strange that it always says 5 days or 6 days.
  5. Have you tried refreshing the box lily?
  6. hi Jennie, I just tried that and it worked for several seconds and then it reverted back to 5 days and 6 days again, and if I press it, it works temporarily again.
  7. I found the whole forum worked better on chrome..I was previously Internet Explorer..
    You could give it a try?
    And if it doesn't help revert back

    Ps I am not technical so I don't really know what I'm talking about ......but I do know that changing to Chrome solved lots of irritating problems

    Bless you
  8. What is the time and date on your computer set to? I'm not sure about TalkJesus, but most forums use something called UTC/Epoch time. They do this because we all live in different time zones.
    The way it works is that is takes the epoch time the messages was posted and subtracts it from the current time on your computer. (i.e 5 days ago).
    Perhaps this isn't the case, but it's something to look at.

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