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The Da Vinci Code

Hi all.

I share this, with Chad's permission on Wed. Mar. 08, to inform you and to help you get answers to related questions from a Holy Spirit-led man in the faith of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

First, I would like to share with you a letter I received from "Hank Hanegraaff" who is the President of the "Christian Research Institute" in Charlotte, North Carolina. You may have heard of him, as he is called "The Bible Answer Man" on "The Bible Answer Man" broadcast that airs every Mon. - Fri. from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Here, I type in the letter he sent to me:

February 2006

Some call it a "threat."
But I believe it's an exciting
opportunity for you and me . . .

Dear Friend,

The Da Vinci Code is coming to a theater near you.

You've probably heard sermons, and perhaps read articles in major publications like Time magazine, about Dan Brown's best-selling novel.

Questioning the biblical record of the life of Jesus, this deceptive book has become one of the most serious challenges to our Christian faith in years.

That deception will gain an even larger audience this May with the release of the movie version of The Da Vinci Code. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, it is almost certain to be a blockbuster success . . . and an even bigger challenge to our faith.

But I also believe this challenge will present an even greater opportunity to share the gospel.

An Open Door to Share Our Faith

Handled with gentleness and respect, the questions The Da Vinci Code raises are actually an open door for you and me to explain our faith to millions.

And because you've been such a good friend of CRI and the Bible Answer Man broadcast, I want to put a tool in your hands to help you do that.

It's my book, The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction?

To be honest, this was a book I never thought I'd write. For a long time after The Da Vinci Code was published, I was content to refute its errors on the radio and trust God that the uproar would eventually die down.

But it didn't. (And if you think the book had America buzzing,
just wait until you see the movie!)

The Book I Never Thought I Would Write

Finally I'd had all I could take. It was obvious The Da Vinci Code was doing real damage . . . that many people, including Christians, were being fooled and misled. Still I resisted. Until suddenly, a divine encounter changed my mind.

It started one morning at my local Starbucks, when a young woman approached me in tears to tell me that the book had seriously undermined her Christian faith.

Then Tyndale House Publishers called and urged me to write a response to The Da Vinci Code because so many troubled Christians were asking for it.

Yet I said "no." Then later that afternoon, I heard from one of my close friends, Christian apologist Bob Passantino. He, too, urged me to write a book that would refute The Da Vinci Code. It was the last time we ever spoke.

One hour later, a massive heart attack ushered Bob into the presence of the Lord. But his urgent plea did not die with him. The next time Tyndale House called, I said "yes." I even recruited the ideal coauthor -- eminent Christian historian Dr. Paul Maier.

Overwhelming response quickly confirmed how crucial this need really was. More than 115,000 copies later, God has used The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? to set the record straight about the historical origins of our faith.

Setting the Record Straight

But with the deceptive allegations of The Da Vinci Code about to take center stage in our nation again, The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? is needed now more than ever.

That's why I want so much to send a copy to you -- complete with an entirely new chapter that clearly and simply explains the gospel and shows new Christians what they can do to grow in their faith.

Believe me, you're going to lovethis book. And it's a great tool for evengelism. Just 81 pages long, it gets right to the point, demolishing every serious error and half-truth with irrefutable facts.

Yet merely disproving our opponents does not prove that Christianity is true. That's why half of The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? is devoted to presenting hard evidence that the Bible is trustworthy.

Responding to Urgent Questions

With this book in your hand, you will be prepared to answer loaded yet urgent questions, like:

* "Don't the historical facts show that the New Testament gospels were
written many decades after the time of Christ?"
* "Doesn't the evidence indicate that the theology of the New Testament --
and even the books it includes -- was decided hundreds of years after
Jesus lived by votes of biased theologians and politicians?"
* "Aren't there plenty of other gospels that give a very different view of
Jesus than the 'politically correct' gospels of the New Testament?"
* "Didn't many early Christians reject the belief that Jesus was God or that
He rose from the dead?"
* "Wasn't believing in Christ's deity grounds for excommunication in the
early church?"

Error by error . . . distortion by distortion . . . misstatement by misstatement . . . Paul Maier masterfully refutes these falsehoods in Part 1 of our book. Then I take my turn in Part 2.

I'll show you how we can be sure that Jesus is God . . . and why we can be certain He was raised from the dead. I'll reveal the reasons you can believe the New Testament . . . and present persuasive evidence that our faith was not copied from pagan mythology.

Equipping You and Others to Share the Truth

Armed with these proofs, your next discussion about The Da Vinci Code could become a powerful opportunity for evengelism. I know this book will build your confidence. And all you have to do to receive The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? is request it on the enclosed reply slip.

And when your request your copy of this book, please also include a generous gift for CRI and the Bible Answer Man broadcast. We really need your support.

As I've already mentioned, everyone will be talking about The Da Vinci Code once it hits theaters in May. Tens of thousands will turn to the Bible Answer Man broadcast for answers . . . and we must be ready.

We Need Your Help Today

Your gift will help make it possible to be on the air with answers to questions from you and others during the critical weeks when The Da Vinci Code is being screened.

And if your gift today is $30 or more, I'll send you a "six-pack" of The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? so that you can personally join me in getting out the truth.

With your very own six-pack of my book, you will have something to give to friends or neighbors who have questions about the movie . . . or anyone who wants to understand both sides of the issues it raises.

But best of all, while you're using this book to share life-changing Good News with people you know, your gift will be sharing this same Good News across North America.

Thank you in advance for your generous gift -- which will make an eternal difference in the lives of so many.
With warmest regards,

Hank Hanegraaff

P.S. The blockbuster movie version of The Da Vinci Code will sooon be
released -- and will almost surely create a bigger crisis of faith in this
country than the book did. I urge you to request and read my book
The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? and to share it with others. Now
is the time to prepare our response to the powerful delusion that will
soon grab our nation's attention -- and transform it into an
opportuinity to share God's even more powerful truth!

P.P.S. Don't forget, if your gift today is $30 or more, I'll send you a six-pack
of The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? I know you will find it
invaluable -- especially as you share Christ with friends and
neighbors who have seen the movie.

Well, that's the letter Hank sent to me; however, I believe that if you went to the "Christian Research Institute" site (and, again, the permission to share this link with you I got from Chad on Wed. Mar. 08) at www.equip.org and requested a six-pack of the book, if that is what you wanted, he would be willing to offer that same special to you. You would need to e-mail him, though, and ask; nonetheless, if you just want to get one copy of his book you can get it by going to the site and ordering it. I think it is $5.99 for one copy.

While studying today I came accross this verse that reminded me that our God, Jehovah is his name, is in control - no matter what man thinks up:


Keep going with God, no matter what!
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Thank you for that imformitive email... I read the book not for entertainment but so i would know what it says ( I threw it away when done)

I think though many questions people will have we need to be ready to answer !

I will probably be getting a copy (or two)


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