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The crumbling wall

The crumbling wall.

There is a wall that hinders us from sinning. Jesus puts it there
when we get saved. It doesn't entirely prevent us from sinning, but
it makes it harder to do it. For example, maybe I used to be an alcoholic,
and it was always easy for me to go down to the liquor store and get a bottle.

But now the liquor store doesn't take checks anymore, so I either have to go
to the bank and get cash, or I have to get a credit card. It's not as easy
as it used to be.

Perhaps there was this girl at the office I used to flirt with, yeah I was
married, but hey... everyone does it right? Now that girl was moved up to the
third floor, and she has a boyfriend now. I could still go up and talk to
her if I really wanted to, but it's harder for me than it was.

Those are obvious examples, but sometimes the things aren't as obvious.
Maybe I used to look at pornography, but now God has put a desire in me not to
look at it anymore. Every time I start to look at it, the phone rings, or
some one texts me, or my internet isn't working, or my computer is having
problems. Or there is a knock at the door. I think these are the little ways Jesus helps
us "overcome" the sin in our lives.

This is the wall that hinders us from sinning. It's just a medium sized wall, we
are able to jump over it if we really try hard enough. But it takes more effort,
at least it does at first. But the thing is, the more we jump over the wall,
the more it starts to crumble.

I've heard it said, maybe the wall isn't crumbling, maybe our legs are just
getting stronger... perhaps, but either way... the wall gets easier to jump over.
Other's have said, that if Jesus see's that you aren't really trying to stop
doing that sin, he will just go ahead and remove the wall that "hinders" you
from sinning.

We start jumping over the wall, and either our "sin legs" get stronger, or the wall
starts to crumble, and the more we do it, the more the wall crumbles, and it gets
easier, and easier to cross the wall. Before we know it, it's not even an obstacle
to us anymore, we don't even have to think about it. We no longer even feel guilt
or remorse about that sin. It's gotten so easy now. The wall has crumbled own to the
point that it barely exists now.


In the book of Nehemiah, the walls of Jerusalem had all been torn down.
The Israelites had lost the means to protect themselves. Some had even lost
the desire to even try to protect themselves. But the prophet rallied the people
together, and they rebuilt the wall in 53 days. That itself was a miracle.

I thought once, I could never quit doing a certain sin. I was doing it almost
everyday. The wall had gotten WAAAAAAYY too easy for me to jump over. It was
just a few rocks where the strong wall used to be. But one day it dawned on me
that the wall could be rebuilt. I made a promise to God that I wouldn't do that
sin for 53 days. I would try to let God help me build that wall up strong again.

...and He did, I can say I haven't done that particular addictive sin in many many

Maybe there is an addictive sin in your life, maybe the wall has crumbled down
between you and that sin... but surely, you can stop doing it for 53 days??
And if you can stop doing it that long, you can stop doing it for the rest of your life.
You know that reminds me of something I was thinking about today, I was a alcoholic at one time, and then I got ulerictive colitus and drinking made it worst, so I quit drinking and it went away, but I was stupid and started drinking again and it came back, So I quit drinking again but it didn't go away, but I kept the no drinking part of my life, started reading the bible, changed professions and I really needed to be healthy for the new profession and got saved and guess what I am cured again, Praise Jesus, I have no doubt in my mind that is Jesus who has done this for me, and he has taken the desire to drink completely away from me. BAC I really like the stuff you put on here
It seems "the wall" is another big sore spot hat separates the church these days, but even it's not a physical wall that separates countries,
I think there is a wall that "should" be separating our motives, morals, perspectives.. (and especially who we worship) from the rest of the world.

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